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Ariana Grande Swali

A question! (Win Props) ♥

Rank your Ariana Grande album from most fav to least♥
and tell me why wewe upendo it the most?

Mine are :
1. Yours Truly
2. My everything
3. Dangerous Woman

Yours Truly because it was her introduction to me (Even tho I already knew her because of Victorious!) and it has some amazing songs including Honeymoon Avenue, Day-Dreamin', Tattooed Heart, kinanda and so many more. Each song hits nyumbani and I instantly was struck kwa her voice and the muziki and it has stayed with me.♥

( not gonna orodha Sweetener, omf I did not like it at all lol)
 A question! (Win Props) ♥
 rahulshingtee posted miezi 7 iliyopita
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Ariana Grande Majibu

jay17059 said:
1 My everything

2 Yours Truly

3 Dangerous Woman
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posted miezi 5 iliyopita 
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