After an initial order for 20 episodes, Nick was thrilled kwa the show’s success – so much so, in fact, that they doubled the episode order to 40. That’s a notably large order, even for a kids show. Victorious only had 19 episodes in its first season, while iCarly had 25. This allegedly caused some tensions behind the scenes – TMZ reported rumors that McCurdy’s salary was much lower than Grande’s. Extending one season instead of just renewing for a sekunde likely denied McCurdy a chance to renegotiate.

So basicly, Sam and Cat was a hit. There is allot of speculation rumors about why this happened to such a maarufu and successful TV show.

The rumor's you've probably heard already is:

→Jennette's racy lingerie photo's.

→Jennette being put in an "uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation" with Nick.

→Jennette's post about a "friend"

→Ariana receiving a bigger paycheck than Jennette.

→Ariana's muziki career.

I honestly don't think its Jennette's racy photo's. Because that was in March 4th, a mwezi before the actual cancellation. MAYBE Ariana's muziki career...

But in Ariana's Facebook post about Sam and Cat's end, she seemed pretty bummed about it. Wouldn't she be a bit happier that she has zaidi time for her muziki career?

I honestly think Its just about Ariana and Jennette growing up.
As wewe can see, the racy photo's from Jennette is evidence that they just want to grow up.

They both have been in the children's business for years now, lets just let them free. They aren't going to act innocent anymore.

They are adults.

Deal with it