There have been many rumors about Adebayor this summer; Will he stay? Will he go? Here I will run down the pros and cons of him, wherever he chooses to go.

Firstly, the pros of him staying:

Well these are all pretty obvious. Firstly, and most obviously, his goals. Last season he did score many, many goals, which definitely helped us to stay in the running. Without his goals we would never have made 3rd place. Secondly, his presence, particularly in the air. Arsenal are most well known for keeping the ball on the ground, but with Adebayor in the box we had an aerial option as well. This just made it even harder for teams to defend against us, as they couldn't be sure which route we were going to take. Thirdly, he was very good at holding up the ball. He gave us the option of playing a long ball up the field because he could hold onto it well enough to allow other players to catch up with him. This allowed us to clear the ball from our defense much easier when under pressure because we had an option to boot it out to.

The cons of him staying:

While Adebayor is very good at scoring goals, he doesn't score nearly enough of them!! I know this sounds strange as he scored over 30 goals last season, but he had so many chances he just failed to put away. The service he was aliyopewa kwa the rest of the team, the likes of Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini, etc., was truly excellent! He just missed so many chances!! If he scored all the reasonable opportunities he was provided with, he would probably have got over 100!! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but wewe get the point.

However, there are worse reasons for him to stay. He has spoken out about Arsenal much over the summer. in this articlelink he says: “Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players. Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it’s up to the directors to satisfy my demands au I’ll leave.”
“But the career of a footballer is soon over. My good goals aren’t the only things I am going to enjoy at the end of it. I have to prepare for my retirement as a player, too. Even if you’re not scoring fine goals and wewe have money, wewe can enjoy a happy retirement. The time for preparing for that moment is now.”
This, surely, shows wewe what Adebayor is all about. In a word, money!! But he has alisema some very rude things about Arsenal. Quote: “Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players." "A good chance to play along side great players"!!! Is it just me au is he implying something very rude about Arsenal here!!
He mentions money very much in his comments, inaonyesha just another footballer shunning klabu due to them not paying enough! This really frustrates me. Footballers only thinking about how many flash cars they can buy, and the size of the house they can afford, and not where they are going to play the best football!! I could rant for hours about this topic, but I do not want to go too far off topic. As this is in the cons section, I should probably wrap, upangaji pamoja it back up. Him saying maoni like the one above is surely not going to please those back at Arsenal. If this happens there could be a certain coldness around him and a lack of service kwa other players. Last season we learned that Ade and Bendtner do not get along particularly well, and that really showed in the way they played. They did not trust each other. They did not provide the right balls at the right time, prefering to wait for another option and when aliyopewa a chance they would much rather take it themselves than passing to the other, even if they were in a better position. Now this is just a coldness between two players, but if there is a disagreement between one player and the rest of the team I struggle to see where our goals are going to be coming from.

The pros of him going:

This one is pretty obvious, the money!! Selling Adebayor would give Wenger the opportunity to buy many new players with the amount of money Barcelona seem prepared to spend on him. Buying in a few zaidi players could definitely help right now, with our squad running so thin!! Buying a new centre back, midfielder au striker could definitely help, multiple would be even better!! Also it would give other players a chance to break through the ranks. We all know Wenger's skill in finding young players and if we help coach a new, younger player through we could end up with another player like Fabregas, which couldn't hurt!!

The cons of him going:

Once again, with our squad so limited at the moment, letting any zaidi players leave would surely be pushing it. Up front we have van Persie, Walcott, Bendtner and Vela, but without Adebayor I think we will be in trouble. Both van Persie and Walcott are not out and out strikers, with van Persie preferring a supporting role and Walcott preferring to use his pace down the wings. Vela is still very young, and new to the side, which means he will need time to gel with the squad and gain experience. And finally Bendtner. I do not know why, but I have never warmed to Bendtner at all. I do not think he is good enough, physically au experience wise, to be earning a regular start for one of the best teams in Europe. I think that having to rely on him to provide our goals. Especially if he is paired with, say, Vela, who is also hardly experienced. I do not think our midfield will be good enough to provide them with enough unmissable chances to keep us in the juu 4.

In my opinion

I think we need to keep him for one zaidi season, while the less experienced players gain the skill and confidence which will allow them to score enough goals to keep us as a major team, then i think he has to go.

thank wewe for kusoma my article, I hope wewe have a nice siku :)