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posted by sportyshuie
This is a tribute to the lovely makala written kwa RosalynCabenson. i may not be able to write as good as her but i just wanted to onyesha her how her makala inspired me ..

This is about last saturday's episode; His father's son. I find this episode slighly better than the four others combined and it was due to some excellent uigizaji and good scripts from the writers. Though episode 3 made me cry and wanted it to be become my personal favorite; it was completely ruined kwa some ridiculous editing that left us stunned! Not that this episode is without the flaws but it's nice to see the directors inserted a small reference of the legend into the episode. Where? Hang on ... we'll get there!

Why was it good?
1. uigizaji
There is no swali as to how stupendous all the performnaces were in the series. Each and every actor/actress gave 100% of their worth to ensure we mashabiki are well treated. They gave brilliant onyesha that sticks to our minds for years to come. Special mention goes to the lead casts. Brad and Colin onyesha why they are they best in the onyesha and seems to age and mature along with the series; especially Bradley who seems to be performing with his expression. God for him as the future beyond Camelot looks bright and shiny! Colin is a value meal. He has everything and not afraid to onyesha it. The girls aliyopewa little screen time makes the most of the scenes. Parker too seems to filling anthony's shoes perfectly well and is the inayofuata hated person after darth vader! But for me, this episode's scene stealer was the Queen anis. She isnt the typical villainous you'd expect in a series and seems to be the suprise package in this episode. Something about her intrigued me as i found her character strong willed, not easily intimidated, not one to be pushed around, tough nut to crack and has a heart! I like the way she does not allow Morgana to intimidate her and knows a person's quality kwa her own judgement; not being told so. Though her entrance had been fuelled kwa hate she departs with respect for Arthur and the qualities he has. She also knows Morgana better, just kwa spending few days with the witch. I like her and hope she returns ... Arthur could really use someone like her in his council.

2. Scripts
Thankfully there were no repetition au borrowed lines from awali episodes. This time, every word uttered seemed new and refreshing. There is maturity in Arthur & Merlin's conversation. Since Arthur is a king now, it's best the lines are kept zaidi ripe and respectful but the inserted banter at the end is also an added welcome. Cabbage head, LOL! The conversation between arwen is a fully developed to portray the growth of their relationship. My favourite was the break up. The words pierced through and broke my moyo and i felt the pain gwen was going through. Kudos to the writers who made the scenes memorable and ripe through their writings.

3.Reference to the legend
When i first saw the fight between arthur and anis's champion, something bugged me. I knew it was reminiscence of an episode i read in the books. And it seems like it was. In the books, there is a scene where Morgana steals excalibur and gives it to the opposition fighter who'll combat against Arthur. To Arthur she gives a fake excalibur and during the fight, Arthur gets mortally wounded. But he senses something is not right. Just when the oppossing fighter is about to kill Arthur, Vivien (whom Merlin made to promise that she'll save Arthur in this combat) uses magic and sends the fighter's excalibur flying off his hand and plants itself on the ground. Arthur than seizes it and strikes the fighter down. I loved the scene and in particular i upendo how the directors decided to reference the legend into this scene. It's rather refreshing as a lot of people knows just bits and pieces of the legend but now, they'd know there's zaidi to the legend than just the round table, camelot, knights, the upendo triangle, the treason etc. We need zaidi refernces like this and looking mbele to it with glee!

There are so many memorable scenes in this episode that it's tough to decide on one. The beginning scene with Merlin dressed as knight was fun to watch. Arthur's rude behaviour towards Merlin was annoyingly uchungu, chungu to digest. Uncle aggy's scenes were well ... aggravating. Morgana's a witch and a bitch!(sorry guys). Anis was well respected and i upendo the scene where she slaps Arthur. Just like a mommy to his prat son! The smile Arthur puts up while watching his knights chat before the war was purely innocent. Really touching. Merlin and Arthur's brief scene before Arthur heads off to duel. It was warm, friendly and genuinely sad. For a brief moment, i thought i saw the prince come back on arthur's face and it was a poignant scene. 'Old friend'. But my personal inayopendelewa was well ... arwen! The breakup and the makeup. The breakup was uchungu, chungu and heartwrenchingly sad to watch. But the makeup at the end, pushed all bitterness away and the kiss killed me along with arthur's killer smile!!!

Things i hated in this episode
1. Arthur's rude manners towards Merlin. Come on, whatever happened to the equality promised at the round meza, jedwali at the end of last season? Why is Arthur being such an ass? Merlin just wants to be his friend and does being a king denied the luxurious of having such a humble friend like Merlin? Didn't Arthur called him a true friend on his father's funeral? But thankfully, Arthur made up with his mistakes kwa admitting Merlin his old friend and the scene where he looks towards Merlin before deciding not finish the giant ... i respected Arthur once again.

2. Uncle aggy's influence on Arthur. The breakup scene was tough to take but even tougher was Arthur's agreement that aggy could be right! Come on arthur!! When Uther demanded Arthur to break up with Gwen, he stood up for her and even went against his old daddy but now suddenly seems to be agreeing that his uncle could be right? All in the name of Camelot and it's people? Uther used the same phrase and didn't work well with arthur then ... now?

3. Morgana's powers. I expected Morgana to do better than just chant the sword and watch in awe as Merlin did better than her to undo her magic. And he did without anyone noticing, despite being surrounded kwa the knights. Morgana is now a full fledged witch and should be able to intercept the fight and win it over through her usage of magic and it'd be really awesome to see Merlin entering the fight as well and battling it out, just the two of them!! But then, that would have taken a different turn in the legend but still, Morgana really disapointed me. Morgeuse and Nimueh seems better match for Merlin than Morgana.

4. Gwen's quick acceptance of Arthur's apology. It'd be nice to see her giving him nicely before accepting his apology after all, he broke her moyo and i find it hard to believe that she was quick to forgive him. At least give a scene where she's probably passing him and not looking at his face au a scene where she avoids him and he finds out her eyes are all swelled, au a scene where they look at each other and find both are moyo broken and could do nothing about it. That would have really made my eyes swell. But alas, can't blame gwem for forgiving him quickly. She knew he was being talked into and wasn't using his cabbage head. And she loves him dearly to kubeba any grudges ... I'm happy for them anyway! LOL!!

SO, this is purely my opinion and i wish to offend no one; thousand apologies if i unintendedly did so ... enjoy the kusoma guys and looking mbele to inayofuata week's Merlin the secret Assassin!!
posted by kbrand5333
Part 10: link

This is my last chapter for this work, so forgive me for the length. But it was necessary.

Seattle, WA, 1994


“Arthur, wewe don’t even like coffee,” Merlin says, confused, following Arthur inside a small storefront coffee house. He looks around the place. It appears to have just opened for the day, as there are no customers yet and everything is spotless.

“You’re late,” they hear a smoky feminine voice say from somewhere behind the counter. “Usually you’re in before I’ve even turned the sign over. I was beginning to wonder if wewe were at nyumbani sick or...
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Song 9: link

For everything turned false,
A little zaidi turns true.
The daily birds in the trees
Sing forever.

    Why does my head feel like a horse has trodden on it? Arthur groans and turns, feeling the soft fallen leaves of the forest floor under his hands. He tries to open his eyes, but the brightness of the sun pierces his head like a blade, and he slams them shut once again with a groan.
    What happened? Where is my horse? Merlin? Sir Leon, the knights? The princess?
    He tries to sit up, but again the pain in his head prevents...
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Song 7: link

I wouldn't die without love,
But I'd desert my house and land.
I would be, for a while,
Something simple like grass,
And later on be woods.

    “Gwen!” an urgent voice whispers in the dark dank of the dungeons. “Gwen, wake up!”
    Guinevere turns over and sits up on the filthy straw mat. Her eyes onyesha no signs of sleep, only weeping. They are swollen and rimmed with red. “Merlin?” she blinks. She has spent the evening crying and crying and has run out of tears an saa ago.
    Merlin swings the cell door open. “Come...
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posted by kbrand5333
Song 6: link

Beware of the thought
That carries wewe to jail,
Where iron is the captive of the bars,
And water complains in its glass,
And be careful of the prisoner’s song.
It has the singer written in.

    I’m trapped. Trapped kwa my station. Trapped kwa my poverty. Trapped kwa my gender. The prince loves me. So what? His father won’t let us be together. I upendo the prince. So what? I am only a maid, a servant. Nobody.
    I should leave. Just leave in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Being away from here, away from him would be painful, but...
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posted by kbrand5333
Song 4: link

For me, there is no song
Unless I sing it,
And yet I upendo you,
And make music
Which I cannot hear.

    I slept on the meza, jedwali again. There is a crick in my neck, threatening to become permanent from my head being bent over the meza, jedwali each night rather than on my pillow.
    But I cannot sleep in that bed. Not knowing that she is supposed to be there with me. In my arms. My body warming hers. Loving hers. Worshipping hers.
    I miss her so much.
    The sting of her betrayal is nothing compared to the burning gash...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

Sorry about the delay, there was a slight hiccup in the proceedings. But we're back on track now!

London, 1977
A/N: If wewe are unaware, “fag” is British slang for a cigarette. I would never use the crass American version.

I hope those ruffians aren’t loitering around again. I hate walking past them, Gwen thinks as she walks down the street, on her way nyumbani from some Saturday morning shopping. Her bag in her arms with some groceries from the market; she rounds the corner and surveys the mitaani, mtaa ahead of her.

They’re there. The five of them on one side. On the other,...
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Song 3: link

I am not free, wewe see,
I rearrange the furniture.
It is a play, with picha and walls,
In which I rearrange the furniture.
And when the room is mine,
The chairs are real,
I rearrange the furniture.

    “Gwen, can wewe help me a moment, please?” Merlin sticks his head out of the doors leading to Arthur’s chambers, and, having spotted her passing, calls.
    “Of course, Merlin, what do wewe need?” Gwen asks, turning towards the doors.
    “Arthur wanted me to change his drapes,” he sighs, walking ahead of her.
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