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Katie McGrath interview - About series finale



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Merlin's Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana, has revealed that "the journey is finished" in the show's upcoming final episodes.

The last ever episode of the fantasy drama will air at 8.15pm on Monday 24 December on BBC One.

McGrath told Digital Spy: "I think what's lovely is the last two episodes really answer all the questions that have been posed throughout the past five years. Everything's tied up, every character has an end in some way - from Gwaine to Percival to Morgana to Merlin."

The actress continued: "There is an ending where everybody can say, 'Yes - now I understand'. The journey is finished, the characters' arcs have come to an end and, as a viewer, there's something very special about being involved from start to finish with a character and seeing them all the way through. I think the last two episodes are really strong, and they do that."
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I think everyone that knows something about the finale is in cahoots just to mess with us. That is my new theory.
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