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Part 19: link

    “Are wewe nervous, Guinevere?” Arthur asks quietly. Gwen is seated between Arthur and Morgana in the back kiti, kiti cha of Gaius’ Cadillac, on the way to church.
    “Yes,” she majibu simply.
    He takes her hand in his. “It will be fine,” he says. “It’s church. People are supposed to be nice at church.”
    “Yes, they are,” Gwen answers, “but some of the most closed-minded people are also some of the most righteous.”
    “Righteous in their own minds, anyway,”...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
part 6:

Here for wewe Joppa ♥

Revelation Part 7

Arthur was pacing nervously in his chambers as someone knocked and Sir Leon opened the door.
“Sire, everything is ready.”
“Good, “Arthur nodded. “Let’s hope that it works.”
Leon was about to leave when Arthur called him. “And Leon, please make sure there is a guard placed at Gwen’s house tonight.”
“Of course, my lord”, Leon bowed and left.
Arthur was left alone with his thoughts again. He was glad that Gwen was back and he wanted her to be safe, he won’t let Morgana get her again. Despite what happened he did not want to...
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Part 16: link

    “Wake up, darlin’, we’re here,” Arthur says quietly, stroking Gwen’s cheek.
    “Mmm,” she scrunches against him and blinks her eyes open. “Did I fall asleep again?”
    “Yes,” he chuckles, kissing her forehead. “We’re here,” he repeats. She looks out and sees a house, not overlarge, nicely kept. A home. “Come on.”
    He climbs out of the car and opens her door again. They walk to the front door and it opens before Arthur can lift his finger to the doorbell.
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Part 9: link

    Aredian strides to the witness stand from the back of the courtroom, a thin, severe, imposing figure, all in black. Something about his demeanor makes everyone uncomfortable in his presence, like they’re afraid that he’s going to shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips and smite them just for breathing the same air.
    “Good Lord, Arthur, where’d your father meet him?” Gwen whispers.
    “I honestly have no idea. Some maswali are better left unanswered,” he whispers back. He’s been enjoying whispering...
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