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alanmod said:
Dear Ashley,
I'm one of your most loyal fans. You epitomize everything anyone would want in a Star!
It's important that a preface my following critique with my long held love for you as my favorite Star...that being said....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING GIRL! Just saw "Bugs" on Showtime! Lord!
Please be more discriminating on role choice in the future! Whew!!
Love ya',
posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita.
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raae1969 said:
I was a fan til Ashley took a stand with Defenders of Wildlife and and lied to her fans and public to raise money for a nonprofit. This should be fraud. I hope The State of Alaska sues her for slander. I wonder how many wolves live in the state she resides in. Now Alaska has started a boycotting of her and all the celebrities that aline themselves with deceitful organizations to defrauds our people of their hard earned money.

How would you feel if you listened sent money then found out it was a lie.

Boycotting Ashley Judd
posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita.