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Opinion by TheMagicLoki posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
fan of it?
Koro-Sensei is not pleased with these heretics.
The first thing I want to establish is that if wewe are kusoma this article, the swali in the title is probably not aimed at you. It's aimed at the thousands of people on fanpop who haven't joined and most likely never will jiunge this club. I know, I know, fanpop is dead. People aren't really joining any new clubs. Most of the aforementioned thousands of people either forgot au deleted their profile. But there are still some people on fanpop. People who are not part of this club. And just because some people don't come onto fanpop anymore doesn't mean they couldn't have joined when they did. The Simpsons is pretty much the most maarufu club on fanpop, and that onyesha has been complete shit for fourteen years. But Assassination Classroom, arguably the best onyesha in history, has 18 mashabiki as of this article's creation. It leaves the single, unanswerable swali to be asked: WHAT THE HELL?