Is God a divine being of truth? au is he a sadistic monster?
A lot of Christians go about their daily lives thinking: God is everything. He is just, kind, and wise. He would never hurt anyone! All those people suffering and being killed? Oh, they’re all devils; God has the right to kill them. Even though the Ten Commandments clearly state: Thou shalt not kill. But of course, God is special! What about those good, hard-working, loyal Christians suffering? Oh, God’s just testing them. For what? A maths test? Even if this false deity existed, he has shown evidence of is sadism.
Genesis 6&7 Unhappy with the wickedness of man, God killed every living thing on the planet except Noah’s family. Men, women, infants and wanyama drowned in unimaginable terror and agony.

Instead of helping those people and I don’t know, giving them credit for not being Ned freaking Flanders, he goes and kills them all. Not just in a peaceful nice way. These bad, wicked people die in terror and agony, like they deserve, right? Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty hard for a 2 mwaka old infant to be evil. But God kills all the evil little toddlers anyway. So not only is God a sadist, but a lazy as well.
And then, of course there’s Moses and how Hebrew are better than the Egyptians, just cause. Hang on, I thought God was just? But they were no good NON-CHRISTIANS, so of course they deserve to have 50 different bila mpangilio plagues and have their eldest sons killed.

NUMBERS 12:9-14 God was displeased with Miriam, so he struck her with leprosy and banished her from the camp for seven days.

If this was any other normal scenario, if Mommy and Daddy were displeased with darling Miriam, then maybe she gets grounded. But grounding Miriam is too mainstream for God, no, he has to commit what is now considered a crime, and strike her down with a then fatal disease, Leprosy, just because God was pissed off with Miriam.

So, from three excerpts of the bible, we can tell that God is:
a)    A sadistic mass murderer (Seriously this guy supposedly killed 14 700 people with a plague for no reason)
b)    Biased. Who cares about the Egyptians? God picked a side, and it wasn’t the Egyptians, so let’s kill them all.
c)    Over-Dramatic. The whole scene with Miriam? Isn’t that over-doing punishment a bit?

I wrote this a while ago. Enjoy.