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Vanessa Marano as Bella Dawson

Ashley-[rings the door bell]
Ashley-hi who are you
???-Bella i'm Ally's older sister
Ashley-hi i'm Ashley Austin's older sister
Bella-how old are you
Ashley-I just turn 16 and you
Bella-16 but i'm turning 17 inayofuata week
Ashley-really our older brother is turning 17 too inayofuata week [remember about the date]wait its nice meeting wewe and all but I have to help Ally with the date
Bella-right come in
Ashley-thanks [walks in the house]ALLY I'M HERE
Ally-oh hi Ashley I see wewe met Bella
Ashley-does Austin know about your sister
Ally-no its a surprise
Ashley-wow he has...
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Riker Lynch as Adam Moon

Austin and Ashley-[walk down stairs] WHAT UP
Mr. M-well... I have a surprise for you
Austin-a dog
Ashley-a car
Austin and Ashley-WHAT? STOP DOING THAT NO wewe STOP NO wewe STOP
Mr. M-how about both of wewe stop
Austin and Ashley-fine [look at each other then at their dad]
Mr. M-1. no not a dog au a car 2. here he is
???-[came though the door with bags]ME [arms up]
Austin and Ashley-ADAM
Adam-the one and only
Ashley-I miss wewe [hug him]
Adam-[hug back]me too
Adam-hey sup little bro [gave Austin a man hug]
Mr. M-well don't just standing...
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Ashley-yes my only brother
Austin-you have-I mean we HAVE another brother Adam
Ashley-I know but I meant MY LITTLE brother [eyebrow goes up]
Austin-whatever but what are wewe doing here
Ashley-I wanted to see if wewe guys were going to kiss
Austin-well I had my first cheek kiss from a girl
Ashley-I kiss your cheek and i'm a girl
Austin-I meant a REAL GIRL not my SISTER
Ashley-any way... um my idea is wewe can take her out on a date
Austin-good but how i'm I going to ask her I get nervous when I try to ask her
Ashley-ok so I also have that cover i'll tell at home
Both-[walk home]...
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I type the episode too long but its in parts

Austin-[scream]COMING [runs in down stairs]sup
Ashley-[see that he has no shati on]Austin why don't wewe have a shati [made a look]
Austin-[doesn't know]what [look in the mirror]OH
Ashley-yes oh look I know wewe want to look good for Ally but... [laugh]with no shati her dad won't like it
Austin-I wasn't planning it I WAS changing BUT someone TOLD [point to himself]ME to get down here
Ashley-true but please go put a shati [point up stairs]
Austin-FINE [goes up stair]
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Mr. D-[tells her everything about Austin and Ally]
Ashley-wow that's what my dad alisema to me when I was 13
Mr. D-so... what did he do
Ashley-I told him that he needs to get to know him before trusting him
Mr. D-did it work
Ashley-yeah now their good Marafiki and my boyfriend wewe should try to get to know Austin he's a good boy and he has no Marafiki he has Ally so...
Mr. D-well... ok i'll try to get to know him
Ashley-great can wewe stay for dinner
Mr. D-sure sorry about your mom and the door
Ashley-its fine lets go in [open the door, both get in]Austin Austin AUSTIN
Auslly-[still hiding, sleeping]
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Rydel Lynch as Ashley Moon

Austin-what do we do
Ally-um... I know HIDE
Mr. D-OPEN THE DOOR RIGHT NOW au I'LL KICK IT DOWN 1... 2... 3...[about to kick it down but]
Mr. D-who are you
Ashley-yes I do his name is Austin my younger brother
Mr. D-where's your dad
Ashley-at work
Mr. D-mom
Ashley-[tearing up]she's... gone... [look down]
Mr. D-dead
Mr. D-[feels sorry for Ashley and Austin]I don't mean to be rude but what happen
Ashley-well... 7 years zamani we use to live in San Diego
Ms. M-so that's how me and your dad met
Ashley-[8 years...
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The outfit are on Polyvore when I do this[Ally outfit #2]go on there and see I can't put it on another page

Austin-[say it really fast] Iheardwhatyouandyourdadsayaboutme
Ally-what I can't understand what your saying
Austin-I heard what wewe and your dad say about me
Ally-[eyes open]WHAT
Austin-sorry Ally wewe guys scream really loud
Ally-[sigh]its ok i'm sorry that we can't be Marafiki I want to be your friend
Austin-me too[gets an idea]I know maybe we can be secret friend
Ally-that's a great idea but what about our... well wewe know... um...
Austin-parents don't worry about it I really want to be your...
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???-sorry I forgot i'm Austin Moon
Ally-Ally Dawson so... are wewe new here
Austin-kind of i'm nyumbani school
Ally-oh but thanks for your help back there
Austin-no problem can wewe get home
Ally-[try to get up but her ankle hurt badly]OW NO IT HURTS[holds her ankle]
Austin-i'll help you[carry her in bride style]where do wewe live
Ally-down two blocks to the left[point]
Austin-ok[walks while carrying her][P.O.V.-Ok so yes i'm helping Ally getting nyumbani but she's so pretty why did those kids bulling her]
Ally-stop... here
Austin-wow wewe live here my house is inayofuata door
Austin-look Ally I know we just...
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When they met at age 13

Austin is nyumbani school cool dude people think he's a bad boy but he is a nice, sweet, and handsome boy. Ally is in school shy, smart, beautiful, and talented kids make fun of her Tilly, Miley, and Dallas

Ally P.O.V.-[great walking nyumbani from school every time I walk nyumbani Tilly, Miley, and Dallas make fun of me ever since Trish went to mexico to see her family for a mwaka its bin wores look who came the jerks]
Dallas-hey Ally dork
Tilly-look the dream killer
Miley-and ms. uglyness
Ally-[hurt]Hi weirdos and crazy girl as Tilly[walks]
Tilly-[mad,grave her shirt]say it again ok i'll...
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