Ever thought that Avatar 2 could be possible? Well no doubt it will because Nickelodeon has just announced to have its released tarehe this November 2011. We will be back with the world of Avatar and Element Bending as we get to see a whole new generation of Benders. For those who would want to know zaidi about Avatar: The Legend of Korra, wewe can check out the trailer we have as well as some background and story plot that wewe might want to check out. What’s great about this is that it continues from the awali Avatar, but this time the Avatar is no longer Aang but someone else with a meaner attitude and a lot baridi way of being the Avatar (I am not saying Aang aint cool, hell no!). This is surely going to be keeping people anticipating, See the video trailer for Avatar: The Legend of Korra online now! and await what fate will intertwine. The trailer for the Avatar: The Legend of Korra is not out yet, we will update wewe guys soonest!

The series will focus on Korra, a teenage female protagonist from the Southern Water Tribe and the current incarnation of the Avatar, who, according to the president of Nickelodeon, will be “hotheaded, independent, and ready to take on the world.” She has already mastered the elements of Water, Earth, and Fire, but needs to master Air. The character was partly inspired kwa Avatar Kyoshi of the original series, whom the creators say was very maarufu among fans. In order to avoid repetition of Aang’s adventures, the creators wanted to root the onyesha in one place, called Republic City. A concept drawing of the city, released with the announcement of the series, shows the city’s ubunifu as inspired kwa Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s, Hong Kong, Manhattan, and Vancouver. In the show, Korra will have to learn Airbending from master Tenzin, son of Avatar Aang and Katara, and contend with an anti-bender revolution taking place in the city