Eh, be warned, this is my first makala here, so it might be kind of crappy. xD

10) Kyoshi
Yes, her screen time is very limited, but what we do see of her I love. She's fierce, brave, daring, reckless, strong and heck, her clothes and make-up are beautiful. The one thing I would dislike about her is, her recklessness could be a serious disadvantage in a war.

9) Hama
Oh my God, I upendo Hama. Yes, she's a villain. Yes, she created the most evil form of bending that in time would be used to cause war and misery. (Oh, hujambo there Amon!) Yes, she captured innocent people for the simple reason they were from the moto Nation. But that's what I upendo about her. She's so twisted she thinks she's doing the right thing. She's such an intriguing character and the episode in which we meet her (The Puppet Master) gives me chills. Her back story is incredible. One of the most complex and brilliant characters of the whole series.

8) Mai
I upendo Mai. Her hostile manner, her sullenness, her non existent aura...she's proof that wewe don't have to be a bender to be a powerful and skilled warrior. Her nukuu are alisema in such a dull manner, but the words in them are brilliant.
"I upendo Zuko zaidi than I fear you."
That brings me on to another thing I upendo about her. Zuko/Mai are incredibly cute together. And while I don't really think they stayed together for the remainder of their lives, I think they're a sweet example of young love. He really completes her. But then again, she's Mai. She doesn't really need anyone, does she?

7) Iroh
Oh my goodness Iroh. His hard to understand words of wisdom always bring a smile to my face and his upendo for his nephew during hard times is so sweet. He makes me laugh, not only at his jokes, but at his gestures of kindness to all. Iroh is your basic kind and gentle grandfather - au uncle in this case - but underneath that chai loving old man is a warrior and one of the most skilled firebenders in the world.

6) Suki
Suki gets a lot of hate. I for one however, absolutely upendo her. Her courage is unmistakable and as much as some of wewe may dislike her; Sokka and Toph wouldn't have made it without her. Anyway; before I go of subject, let's get back to Suki. Her sarcasm and wit is hard to miss, but aside from that she's a born warrior, and an, erm, fanbender? Okay, I should keep puns out of this. Plus to juu it all of, she's beautiful. Hey, who says wewe can't have beauty, brains and brawn?

5) Aang
I adore Aang. Yes, he ran away, yes he lied a few times, but he's still one of my favourite Heroes ever. He's brave, he's humble, he's funny, and after some time (Only 100 years, not really that long, eh?) he accepted his destiny and went on to defeating Ozai and restoring balance and peace to the world. Also, the fact that it took him less than a mwaka to master all four elements is pretty awesome in my opinion.

4) Zuko
Zuko is another complex character. He starts of as an impatient, selfish villain with horrible hair - ugh that ponytail - but as the onyesha progresses we see a new person. A scared, confused child who wants to restore his honour and has always felt sekunde best. Like Katara said, he's often struggled with doing the right thing in the past, but he went on to becoming firelord and played a huge part in ending the hundred mwaka war. And I alisema it before, I'll say it again. Him and Mai are just too cute!

3) Azula
Azula, Azula, Azula. Oh gosh, how I adore you. Your craziness, your socially awkwardness, your evilness, your insane self as the series drew to an end. Azula is mad. Her blue lightning reflects her personality. It's wild, uncontrollable kwa all but herself, it does what it wants, it's sharp, fatal and not exactly something you'd want on your bad side.

2) Toph
I adore Toph. She's strong, independent, witty, smart, admirable, a great bender, the creator of metalbending, eh I could go on! One of the things I most admire about her is the fact that she never sees her blindness as a disability but instead uses it to her advantage. Let's face it, if we were blind we would never be able to go through life a easily as Toph does.

1) Sokka
Holy crap, SOKKA! I upendo you. You're brave and smart and above all, hilarious! From your friendly uyoga to Appa eating Momo, wewe never fail to make me laugh. He started of the onyesha as a guy with no bending and a good sense of humour, but as the onyesha progressed, we saw a warrior. A strong brave man with a a space sword and boomerang who - let's face it - is a charmer with the ladies. ;)