KATARA, wewe ARE….

Always kwa my side,
As in wewe I can confide
My innermost state of being,
With you, beyond just seeing
You; though ever we are
Locked in a gaze,
Steady as a shining star,
Through Time’s ephemeral haze….

Always in my mind, seeing
Beyond our eye-to-eye
Contact, beyond even touching,
Beyond tasting your sweetness, I ….
Am engulfed by
Your affection
Like the ocean does my reflection
In your eyes I see the connection
That brings our souls to integration…

Always in my heart,
Together au apart;
Our union transcends space,
Events, Time and place;
For ever are we,
In ways we cannot see,
Comforted kwa a spiritual embrace
That can only be the best,
And brings my soul to rest
Within your moyo so bless’d…

Yet, there is Another
Who has chos’n us for each other,
Beyond the laws of chance,
And bonded us together
In an evolving dance….
Pervasive, yet subtle;
A upendo so gentle
We can hardly perceive,
But through each other receive
The blessings of this Mystery
Of Ultimate Reality!