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Kataang au Zutara, we’re all here because we like one au another. I myself, am on the Kataang side. So I decided to share why in one neat little article. Some parts are taken from my other article.

Why I Like Kataang

First and foremost, I like goofy, light hearted romance zaidi than I do a serious and mature one. I like things that will make me laugh, something that isn’t full of angst and melancholy. Aang and Katara have zaidi of a cute and fun relationship. Don’t get me wrong Kataang has it’s mature moments; such as the moments mentioned in the paragraph below. I don’t think a ship...
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Sorry for the late update guys. My grandpa's in the hospital at the moment. He's doing fine though.

Azula woke up lying face up on her bed. Her head ached with a dull phantom pain. Her lips parted to call out for…she couldn’t remember, didn’t know whom.

Her vision was much too cloudy.

She tried to sit herself upright, sending a small ripple of pain over her body. She shuddered and her muscles seemed to give out sending her falling back to the pillow—basking in its softness. She had missed her own bed…her own pillow. How did she get there?

She felt a hand on her shoulder. “You awake?”...
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