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 The Promise part 1
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This Avatar The Last Airbender picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Most of wewe are aware of my old makala of the juu 10 hottest Avatar girls. Since then I've had a change of opinion, that and some new girls from The Legend of Korra have been added. So please keep in mind this is just my opinion and leave a maoni telling me what wewe think.

 Naturally pretty
Naturally pretty

I just had to put her on this orodha because she's really super pretty. For someone who doesn't care about looks she sure looks pretty. She has such pretty messy black hair. Her skin tone really compliments her hair color. Her eyes actually look lovely, even though they're the color of blind....
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Well first of all i have nothing over Kataang! And actually it was obvious from the beginning that Aang was going to end with katara but,lemme just say what i think about that!

1-Zuko & Katara has a lot of thing in common like they both Lost their mother..

2-If wewe watched The Crossroads Of Destiny..Zuko allowed Katara to touch his scar and she's the first person in the entire series to touch it but,when anybody touched his scar he refused including Mai (who's actually Zuko's current girlfriend) Song & Jin....

3-In season 3 when Zuko first joined Team Avatar he didn't really care for...
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We all know who she is! The intelligent, beautiful, and talented princess who's life led to self destruction. Many believe there's good in her and others believe she's just a heartless monster, let's see if they still believe after this. Voiced kwa Grey DeLisle, American voice actress and singer; best known as playing villians and characters described as jerks, but also charming the world with her angelic imba voice. This is based off fact with a small hint of theory.


She was born two years after her older brother, Prince Zuko, she was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa....
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