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 Aang and Katara
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Avatar the last airbender
posted by KataraLover
So now we're going to find out how Azula got rid of Suki, and it will have two surprises.

"Hey Suki what's up" asked Azula

"A crazy princess getting all up in my face" alisema Suki

"So where are wewe going" asked Azula

"I'm going to meet Sokka" alisema Suki

"No, why don't wewe just stay and talk" asked Azula

"Because your the last person I wish to speak to" alisema Suki

"Well, maybe we can get to know each other" alisema Azula

"Why don't wewe go hide in your tent" asked Suki

"Why would I do that" asked Azula

"Because wewe always do" alisema Suki

"Well, I have my reasons" alisema Azula

"Yes, your curse" alisema Suki

Azula was shocked...
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posted by KataraLover
Azula has gotten far enough away from her father, the sun is up right now so she's her normal beautiful self. She managed to get into Ba Sing Se, she hoped to find a map to the Northern Water Tribe, she ran into a handsome boy, with long brown hair, silver eyes, slight tan he seemed to be 16 au 17.

"Oh I'm sorry miss" alisema the boy

"I need to be going" alisema Azula

"Wait! Would wewe like this apple?" asked the boy

"No thanks" alisema Azula

"You can't runaway from nyumbani on an empty stumach" alisema the boy

"What makes wewe think I'm running away from home? Is it that obvious" asked Azula

"Yes, here take the apple"...
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-1. Dress-

Aang grumbled as he waited for Katara to come out of the fitting room. Why did girls have to take so long with this stuff?

More importantly, why did she have to pick that dress to try on?

-2. Lightning-

Why did Azula have to strike Aang? What did he do to deserve this?

From the moment Azula shot Aang, Katara has always been terrified of lightning, because it nearly killed the upendo of her life.

-3. Manliness-

Who says words of comfort and hugs arent manly?

Apparently, Sokka does.

But Aang wasn't ready to have Katara stop hugging him and murmuring soothing words into his ear.

-4. Anger-

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This kwa far was the most epic episode I have seen in the entire series. Starting with Aang and Zuko's firebending training, right down to the final scene with Katara and Aang(nearly cried, but was clapping). It even seemed that Sokka's jokes were funnier! In my opinion, the best battle was Azula and Zuko's. The best moment was definetly a tie between Prince Zuko being introduced as the moto Lord and the Final scene with Katara and Aang(no spoiler). The most epic moment, definitvely was the scene when Aang was securing moto Lord Ozai and taking his bending skill away. Strangely, it can't be the end! Zuko met up with his father at the end to ask him about his ,supposedly dead, mother's whereabouts.

Rating out of 5 stars: 5
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