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sanaa ya shabiki
Avatar the last airbender
posted by avatar_fan_55
when i ( avatar_fan_55 ) was looking for Avatar sites i stumbled across something. something big!
+1 zaidi EPISODE TO FINNISH IT ALL! will anng save the world? will one couple finally launch?! find out on july 14th! one zaidi thing if wewe have missed an Avatar au 2 go online to ....
dbz-zone.org once wewe get there look to the left and wewe will see a list. click on - FULL Avatar -
then when wewe are done doing that all the way at the bottom wewe will see a orodha of ALL the avatars so far. all wewe have to do from that point on is click PLAY and see the episode!so dont 4 get!

july 14th
8:00/7:00 c
posted by Spottedtail139
Aangs POV

She gone gone again she can't be gone again.

" No, no, NOOOOOOO!" I screamed I air blasted the Firebender

and thought she can't be gone she just can't be gone! I fell to

my knees " Aang she gone no one can survive this water. I so

Sorry but shes gone Aang" Katara alisema I knew she was trying to

calm me down but I couldn't take it " NO SHE IS NOT GONE!" I

screamed louder then my mouth and eyes begain to glow and

I njiwa into the cold water to try to save to person I let down


Ayla's POV

A as I sunk flashbacks came to me all of them had Aang in

them. " Aang!" I giggled we were five we had...
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i seen both airbender i say of the gang the fighters are toph and katara for their own resaons firework is great but this one of those thatsticks out zaidi for them
the last airbender
posted by zanhar1
“Azula, Shou tells me you’ve been talking to them again.” Lu-Ming stated.

“She’s lying.” Azula intended to answer as vaguely as possible.

“Lying?” Lu-Ming questioned.


“And why would she lie?”

“Because she doesn’t like me…” Azula trailed off. She already alisema too much.

“Azula, it’s not healthy to just assume everyone hates you. Like you’re mother, she…”

“I wish to go back to my room now.” Azula cut him off.

“We are going to have to talk about her eventually.” It wasn’t an empty threat, it was a promise. This wasn’t the first time Lu-Ming...
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