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This Avatar The Last Airbender sanaa ya shabiki might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Sorry for the late update guys. My grandpa's in the hospital at the moment. He's doing fine though.

Azula woke up lying face up on her bed. Her head ached with a dull phantom pain. Her lips parted to call out for…she couldn’t remember, didn’t know whom.

Her vision was much too cloudy.

She tried to sit herself upright, sending a small ripple of pain over her body. She shuddered and her muscles seemed to give out sending her falling back to the pillow—basking in its softness. She had missed her own bed…her own pillow. How did she get there?

She felt a hand on her shoulder. “You awake?”...
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This story will contain spoilers! wewe will understand when wewe read it. If wewe have not finished the series and do not want it spoiled then stop kusoma here.

This story is about Azula when she's on the path to insanity. This is what I think her actions, and thoughts were in between scenes from the series. Let's begin. Keep in mind that none of this is fact, it's just fanfiction.

Following the events of The Boiling Rock Part 2:

Azula had just escaped the island.
I can't believe that Mai and Ty Lee betrayed me! she thought, maybe it was that I controlled them through fea- NO. Fear is the most reliable...
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5. Yue

I placed Yue at number 5 due to her uniuqe sort of beauty. I adore the white hair. I have a thing for characters with white au blue hair. I also think her eyes are a really pretty blue. However, she's only #5 because I think she's zaidi cute than pretty if that makes sense.

4. Jin

Jin is also lower on the orodha because she's zaidi of a cutesy pretty than a beautiful pretty. But I do adore her hair style the braids are really cute. Her smile is really adorable too.

3. June

I do appreciate a kick-butt looking character. upendo the dark makeup. Her outfit is super cool. And I...
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A lot of people just see Azula as some heartless, evil, well, wewe know. But I don't necessarily think that's the case. I feel as though Azula just needed help and upendo zaidi than anything else.

Let's start with her childhood.Take a look at her father, he was...is a man who burned his own son's face and tried to take over the universe. Like most children Azula just wanted to earn her father's love, affection, and approval. The alisema part is she probably only earned the third. Zuko and Azula are complete opposites in regards to how each parent treated them. Zuko had Ursa on his side, leaving Azula...
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Avatar the last airbender
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