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 Toph Bei Fong
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sanaa ya shabiki
Avatar the last airbender
toph bei fong
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This Avatar The Last Airbender sanaa ya shabiki might contain ishara, bango, maandishi, ubao, matini, and ubao wa chokaa.

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Eh, be warned, this is my first makala here, so it might be kind of crappy. xD

10) Kyoshi
Yes, her screen time is very limited, but what we do see of her I love. She's fierce, brave, daring, reckless, strong and heck, her clothes and make-up are beautiful. The one thing I would dislike about her is, her recklessness could be a serious disadvantage in a war.

9) Hama
Oh my God, I upendo Hama. Yes, she's a villain. Yes, she created the most evil form of bending that in time would be used to cause war and misery. (Oh, hujambo there Amon!) Yes, she captured innocent people for the simple reason they were...
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