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 Azula and Zuko
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-I copied that from TV Tropes wewe can go & see the makala there. mashabiki who toured the Avatar The Last Airbender studios returned claiming that the original designs of the swimsuits the girls wore in the episode "The Beach" were rather... naughty. It was a Take Our Word for It, but they were implied to be something that most anime wouldn't have done in a beach, pwani Episode. Considering that the final designs that made it to air were actually fairly risque for what was nominally a children's cartoon (including highlighting Ty Lee's, ahem, character growth), these rumored original designs were...
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Alright so this was so so hard for me to type. Like I made an makala for my juu 5 Azula moments, I wanted to make one for my least favorites. Everyone knows I upendo her so it was so hard to pick least favorites, I really did have to pick my brain on this one. This is like Noglosia Critic's picking the worst of the best.

1. Along the same lines I didn't like seeing her fight Mai and Ty-Lee in the Boiling Rock. I suppose this is zaidi of a scene with Azula that I don't like zaidi than an Azula moment. That trio was a fabulous trio and it is a darn shame that it came to and end. I also feel like...
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