Avatar The Last Airbender Songs I associate with Azula (3); which do wewe think describes her/relates to her the most?

Pick one:
Tristania’s Destination Departure
No Limit’s Body Full Of Lightning
Carolleta's Voces (Voices)
Tristania's Down
Ronnie Radke’s Asshole
Suicide Silence’s OCD
Rabia’s Obey Me
Hollywood Undead’s Another Way Out
P!nk’s Runaway
Hollywood Undead’s New siku
Crystal Viper’s Child Of Flames
In This Moment’s The Fighter
Avril Lavinge’s Runaway
Emilie Autumn’s The Art Of Loss
P!nk’s I Have Money Now
My Chemical Romance’s I’m Not Okay
Within Temptation’s Dangerous Mind
Within Temptation’s What Have wewe Done
Within Temptation’s Jane Doe
P!nk’s Humble Neighborhoods
Chumbawawa’s She Got All The Marafiki
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