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 Katara and Aang, both lifetimes...
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So sad... :'(
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legend of korra
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It is well known that the show's creators based each bending style on an existing martial art. Waterbending was based off link, Earthbenders off link, for the most part, Firebenders off link and Airbenders link.

While ATLA focused on mastering these fighting styles in a physical sense that is only on single facet of the training that goes into becoming a master of the martial arts. Body is the easiest. Mind was covered though the opening of the link, a real concept featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. If we assume that the writers put as much study and research...
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I upendo the onyesha Legend of Korra. I'd do anything to see it get another spin-off. But the thing is, Korra is very immature.

Now I know a lot of wewe are going to get extremely angry while kusoma this.

But Aang was so much zaidi what an ideal Avatar should be in my opinion. Korra is very immature, stubborn, and hot-headed. Aang was the opposite, polar opposite to be exact.

Korra should be enforcing peace, not wanting to start a war, she shouldn't have even involved Iroh.

Another thing is, Korra knew Mako was dating Asami, but she then decides to go confess her feelings. I'm okay with that part,...
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