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This guy apprently has a rap of Legend of Korra. Its really good, check it out
legend of korra
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They both stop kissing. They both let go of their lips.

"Mako I haven't kissed wewe since at the Pro Bending Match. I really miss kissing you. But wewe were with Asami and I... but Mako cut her off.

"That's in the past. Asami is no longer the girl for me. I want wewe to forget Asami. Forget that I even dated her. I no longer have feelings for her. The only girl I have feelings for are you. Because I'm yours and your mine. So please be my girlfriend" Mako alisema with a smile on his face. Korra gasp to what he just said. She was very happy. She wanted to be his boyfriend for just a long time and it's...
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