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Later that night, I was looking in my old journal. I turned to the front page to read about my first Avatar mission. Grace and I went to were she was assigned, a stubby little hut the Na'vi called a school. I got to help her teach her first class. When I opened the door, there was markers and crayons and notebooks galore. I felt like I was in heaven.
Little Na'vi girls and boys soon came in. They were cute and quiet and ready to learn. That made Grace smile. I learned all of those 100 students names. The only two i found interesting were Tsu'ey and Neytiri. Good thing because we met later on
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At first I thought Avatar looked stupid but then my Marafiki and my family made me see it and I thought I was the best movie ever!!!! I upendo everything about it. If wewe haven't seen it wewe should!!!! Neytiri and Jake were so good together!! The captain of the army thing was really mean! I think the land where all of the avatars live is so beautiful!! It was so sad when all of the army came and attacked where all of the avatars live and ruined everything. Well i don't want to spoil it if wewe haven't seen it. Well that gives wewe a personal preview. wewe HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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