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If wewe are fed up of your routines and want to have a fun-filled weekend then download Marafiki with Benefits movie and let it take wewe to a new world of suspense. Life is running too fast and people don’t have time to relax. In such a fast paced epoch, sinema seem as the best option to have a break from worries and tensions around. Marafiki with Benefits is filled up of excitement, craze and kiburudisho and wewe should really link if wewe really wish for a real time entertainment.The biggest advantage of downloading sinema from Internet is that wewe can watch them as many times as wewe want, even...
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Dongria Kondh- Profit over people?

PLEASE TRANSLATE YOUR PASSION FOR THIS POWERFUL FILM INTO REALITY.This makala is an urgent call for help, and I ask only for a few dakika of your time reading.

In Orissa, a region of Eastern India, the future of a whole people, the Dongria Kondh, is about to disappear. The plans of a British based company, Vedanta, are set to mine the sacred mountain that the Dongria call nyumbani for a mineral called bauxite. If wewe have seen the film Avatar, the plight of the Dongria people shares striking parallels.

The Dongria have not been consulted about the mine. They...
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