Avril Lavigne New Club Look [CLOSED]

mmeBauer posted on Nov 27, 2018 at 08:02PM
Hey, everyone! I believe it’s time for a new club look since the current banner is related to an album released 7 years ago!
Here are some guidelines if you’re interested in participating:
- Banners must be 800x100px or must scale down to that
- Icons must be square and a consistent size (no larger than 200x200)
- Background images must be larger than 1280px
- The poll for the banner will be made in one month from now
- The poll for the icon will be made when the banner gets defined

Avril Lavigne 3 majibu

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miezi 11 iliyopita mmeBauer said…
Banner #1
 [b]Banner #1[/b]
miezi 11 iliyopita mmeBauer said…
Icon #1.1
 [b]Icon #1.1[/b]
miezi 11 iliyopita mmeBauer said…
Icon #1.2
 [b]Icon #1.2[/b]