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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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This Avril Lavigne karatasi la kupamba ukuta contains bikini, wawili kipande swimsuit, suti kuoga, mbili kipande swimsuit, and kuogelea. There might also be g string, thong, g uzi, swimsuit, swimwear, suti kuoga, kuogelea costume, kuoga costume, kuogelea, and swimming costume.

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What the hell happened to me
I've become such a mess
I'm a walking disaster
On a road full of stress
You got all that wewe wanted
You got the good part of me
And I'm getting kind of dizzy
From this crazy disease

So get me a doctor
I need a repair
I'm pushing my limits
And pulling out my hair

And it's all because of you
I just run into walls and trip over my shoes
I get up, I fall down, every time wewe come around
I'm not cool
It's all because of you
It's all because of you

You've got me spinning like a record
That's already worn out
And I'm kicking and I'm screaming
And repeating myself
I gotta hold myself together...
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