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Peggy-Sue posted on Jan 24, 2014 at 07:46PM
I have been thinking about this the entire week, and can't seem to let it go. I am going to pose this question with the deepest of respect for Axl, so anybody who takes this up negatively I will ignore. Its about the way he looks today, or rather lately. When he was young, even as a little boy he had the cutest of faces, in his 20-40-'s he was so beautiful I cannot imagine that anyone who came into contact wasn't smitten. Still today when I look at images or content of him moving, smiling, singing I can't believe how incredibly beautiful and sexy he was. Playful sexy eyes, cutest nose, gorgeous full lips, chiselled face, beautiful hair, and a funky boyish - later more manly body. Weird but cool dress sense. All my opinion - doesn't have to be yours. So here is my question. I am 3 years younger than him, and I get ageing, and it sucks:-(, but stuff can be done, and what was essentially our beauty (or basic features) normally remains. Healthy eating, limit or stop alcohol, work-out etc. So, the actual question, what really did happen to Axl that currently he is so unrecognisable? I read rumours of nose-jobs (can't imagine why he would do that, he had an adorable nose), face-lifts gone wrong? Maybe but what? Why is the look in his eyes so different? Why is his mouth so different? Where are his big lips? I think capping teeth never improves a person (if that is what he has, but perhaps it was necessary), but I cannot put my finger on why even the way he walks and gestures with his hands is so different to when he was in his 20-40's. Does anyone have a decent theory? I noticed him walking with a cane, is it that problem with the heel that he got as a child I wonder. Could it be that he gave so much that he lived and used his body in the 20 years with so much energy that he expended double? Does that make sense?

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