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EG: Because of your busy schedule, I heard wewe guys barely have time to sleep these days and practiced until 5am. Is it true after end of your scheduled appointments, wewe guys usually go back and practice?

Doojoon: Yes, we need to practice being in sync in our choreography and practice singing. Feel like we’ve only had few hrs to sleep since we’ve debuted.. actually it started even before our debut…
Yoseob I didn’t realize the greater extent of knowing the joy of being able to eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired till now… to think our moms used to nag us to go to...
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BEAST messages to B2uties 3rd
generation! :)

BEAST members each have left a welcome message
to B2uties 3rd generation have joined the official
fanclub. Membership cards have been sent since
December 3 but the term of membership begins
December 6, 2012 and ends December 5, 2013.

Doojoon: "Chuka chuka chuuuuu! "(= Congratulations Chuka)
Hyunseung:" Congratulations and thank you
for joining the fanclub. "
Junhyung:" Please become
reliable troops BEAST ^ _ ^ Thank wewe "
Yoseob:" From
now on, create wonderful memories I will bien_ ♥ ★
★ "
Kikwang:" Honestly, welcome mashabiki officials
BEAST ♡ Unless we say, do not go anywhere else ^ - ^ "(He meant kwa that wewe do not leave the fandom /
not stop the bear) dongwoon:" The B2uties who have
always loved the B2uties which are newly come (s)
to know us. We are one! '
27th Golden Disk – BEAST, Double crown “Precious awards, received two”

Group BEAST succeeded with a double crown at ‘The 27th Golden Disk Awards” and enjoyed Malaysia’s ‘beautiful night’.
BEAST (Yoon Du Jun·Jang Hyun Seung·Yong Jun Hyung·Lee Gi Kwang·Yang Yo Seop·Son Dong Woon) received the ‘Disk Bonsang’ and ‘JTBC Best Artist Award’ on the first siku of ‘Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards’, which opened on the 15th at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

After receiving the awards, BEAST expressed their thoughts [on winning], “Following last year, we’re happy to be able to stand on the Golden Disk stage again. Thank wewe for giving us two precious awards. We will repay wewe guys with better muziki and performances.”

On this day, BEAST sang some of their hit songs such as ‘Special’, ‘Beautiful Night’ and ‘Fiction’, and had the Malaysian mashabiki bounce along.
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Junhyung‘s Marafiki took to Twitter and wished him a happy birthday!

The B2ST rapper was born on December 19th, and his Marafiki rushed to wish him a happy birthday as soon as the clock struck midnight in Korea.

Dongwoon tweeted, “I’m together with him, but happy birthday to @Joker891219!“. Kikwang followed suit, writing, “I’m here too keke. Happy birthday kekekekekekeke ^^“. Doojoon also wrote, “Today is election day!!!!!! And the opening siku of ‘Marrying the Mafia‘!!!!!! But it’s also the the birthday of my most dear friend Yong-pal!!! I hope the siku is filled with only...
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B2ST’s Du Jun and A Pink’s Son Na Eun have a tarehe at a club

Du Jun and Son recently shot a dating scene at a club for the new film Marrying the Mafia 5. Du Jun plays the role of Young Min, the first son of a mafia, and Son plays the role of Hee Jae, Young Min’s first love, in the film.

In some snapshots of the scene, Du Jun shows off a comical dance.

In the shooting of the scene, Du Jun seemed shy to see Son’s alluring sexy dance at first. However, he soon got laughs kwa inaonyesha off a comical dance.

"Marrying the Mafia 5" is a comedy film about things happened as Dae Seo (played kwa Jung Jun Ho), who used to be considered as a good luck in the mafia family, suddenly becomes a bad luck.

The movie stars Jung Jun Ho, Park Keun Hyung, Yoo Dong Keun, Park Sang Wook, Sung Dong il, Kim Min Jung, Du Jun, Son, and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee. It will be released on December 19.
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[INFO] BEAST 'Midnight Sun' Production DVD (2 DVDs + 14 pieces Poscards)
#Release tarehe :: 9th January 2013
#Product Info :: * Get to see a new variety of different colors and concept of BEAST through their new album koti, jacket shoot BTS
* The making video of taking over Seoul Kwanghwamoon with a special stage! * Special individual members’ version of ‘Beautiful Night’ M/V!
* Behind making video of the filming of the muziki video in New York, USA!
#The 'Midnight Sun' Production DVD includes :: 2 Discs + 14-p Special Post Card.
#Tracklist ::

# ALBUM koti, jacket SKETCH
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The Beast recognized at ‘Korea Contents Awards 2012′

The ‘Korea Contents Awards 2012,’ which is conducted kwa the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, will be held on December 7 at COEX in Seoul.

Among thirty-six awards, The Beast will receive the Minister Prize of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the comics category. The ‘Korea Contents Awards’ is considered the most prestigious recognition of content awarded in Korea. The comic, based on the real idol group, will be awarded for the first time.

The Minister Prize of the Ministry...
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