I'm longing to find a buyer for this exceptional piece of Disney/ Bambi history - if anyone has any ideas as to who might like it - do get in touch... I'd upendo it to go to a real Bambi fan. It's probably one of the best provenances for any vintage Disney jewellery you're likely to see. Let me tell wewe more...

The costume jewellery house of Rene Llonguet in Paris (I’m a vintage fashion specialist) was closely linked with the film industry and Llonguet provided glorious pieces for movie stars just Post-War and into the early 1970s. Knowing that connection it makes sense that he secured a licence from Walt Disney Studios to produce juu end and very glamorous costume jewellery pieces – I suspect this Bambi mkufu was one of the only Parisian costume jewellery houses who had such a collaboration in the 1950s. This is their very first ubunifu and this mkufu is from the Llonguet archive. It is likely that it may be the only surviving example as I have never seen another like it.

The mkufu was first marketed in May 1950 (we know this as I also acquired original promotional material for the trade fair where it was first unveiled) – just a few years after Christian Dior revolutionised Post-War fashion with his New Look (also from Paris).

It is made from mother-of pearl discs overlaid with delicate gilt foil picha of Bambi – almost every pose is carefully reproduced. It is in perfect, archive condition. As well as buying the necklace, I also acquired Llonguet’s official notepaper inaonyesha the official collaboration with Walt Disney Studios and a specially printed invoice. The original advertising brochure presents an illustration of this very mkufu with a strap line indicating it was a precious lover’s gift for the glamorous lady in 1950. The established French illustrator, Yvonne Preveraud, was responsible for translating the animated cel picha of Bambi onto the necklace, which required, like the cels themselves, painstaking pencil drawings first.

It's an absolutely glorious piece and needs an equally wonderful home.