Bangel Bangel 30 siku challenge

smckinlay2 posted on Jul 11, 2011 at 10:10PM
The Rules are
-You can start whenever you want
-You can do it in 30 days or all at once if you wish
-You can post any type of graphic
-You do not have to do it for 30 days in a row you may take breaks

Day 1: Your favorite BA episode.
Day 2: Your favorite BA moment.
Day 3: A moment that makes you cry/sad.
Day 4: Your favorite hug.
Day 5: Your favorite kiss.
Day 6: An underrated scene that you love.
Day 7: A BA moment you love for Buffy.
Day 8: A BA moment you love for Angel.
Day 9: The moment you became a Bangel fan.
Day 10: Your favorite BA song that was played on the show.
Day 11: Your favorite BA song that reminds you of them.
Day 12: Your favorite S1 moment.
Day 13: Your favorite S2 moment.
Day 14: Your favorite S3 moment.
Day 15: Your least favorite S1 moment.
Day 16: Your least favorite S2 moment.
Day 17: Your least favorite S3 moment.
Day 18: A scene that made you angry.
Day 19: Their most bittersweet moment.
Day 20: Your favorite BA season.
Day 21: Your favorite BA object.
Day 22: Your favorite BA quote.
Day 23: Your favorite BA storyline.
Day 24: Cutest BA scene.
Day 25: A storyline you wish never happened.
Day 26: Your favorite BA angst scene
Day 27: Your least favorite season for BA.
Day 28: The one aspect about BA you love the most.
Day 29: Favorite eye-sex scene.
Day 30: Your favorite parallel.

Have fun :)
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