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siku 1 - Your inayopendelewa movie

siku 2 - Your inayopendelewa role of Barbie’s

siku 3 - Your inayopendelewa scene

siku 4 - Your inayopendelewa upendo interest

siku 5 - Your least inayopendelewa movie

siku 6 - Your inayopendelewa non-Barbie girl

siku 7 - Your inayopendelewa animal sidekick

siku 8 - Your inayopendelewa villain sidekick

siku 9 - Your inayopendelewa song from a musical movie

siku 10 - Your inayopendelewa song from a non-musical movie

siku 11 - Your inayopendelewa of the 12 Dancing Princesses

siku 12 - Your inayopendelewa dress

siku 13 - Your inayopendelewa Barbie world

siku 14 - Your least inayopendelewa villain

siku 15 - Your least inayopendelewa role of Barbie

siku 16 - Your least inayopendelewa sidekick

siku 17 - Your least inayopendelewa upendo interest

siku 18 - Your inayopendelewa non-Ken guy

siku 19 - Your inayopendelewa name

siku 20 - Saddest moment

siku 21 - Your inayopendelewa romantic moment

siku 22 - Funniest moment

siku 23 - Your inayopendelewa quote

siku 24 - Your inayopendelewa parent(s)

siku 25 - Most magical moment

siku 26 - Your inayopendelewa youngin’(s)

siku 27 - When did Barbie look the prettiest?

siku 28 - inayopendelewa couple

siku 29 - inayopendelewa ‘girl power’ moment

siku 30 - inayopendelewa happy ending
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(This is how we do it...)

All of us...
Are fabulous...
Put your hands on the air... (All of us...)
We rule, we rule this school (Are fabulous...)
We rule it, we rule it... (All of us...)
(Are fabulous...)

And this is how we do it!

[Instrumental part]

Jump up!
Hands in the air
Crown on the head
Lights in the air...
Come on, now spin to the left
Spin to the right
We're graduates...
and it's our night!

We rule this school...
We rule this school...
It's friendship that makes us strong
Here we all belong
Here we all belong
We rule this school (All of us...)
We rule this school (We're fabulous...)

Jump up!
Hands in the air...
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