CleoCorinne, our March FOTM!
Congratulations to link for winning the FOTM! All her hard work and dedication has surely paid off and I'm sure that we are all grateful to have such an amazing and active contributor as part of this spot! But before the fiesta with lots of confetti and cake can start, here's her interview:

1) Congrats on winning, how does it feel like to be the FOTM?
How does it feel? Well... I'm really happy for it. I must thank all those that voted me, it's a quite nice experience.

2) How did wewe find the Barbie sinema spot and what made wewe stay?
I found it randomly. I was looking for pictures of Barbie and the Three Musketeers in Google picha and one came from this spot. I decided to jiunge because I finally found a website that could kubeba my upendo for the Barbie Movies.

3) When and how did wewe discover the movies?
In 2001, I was 5 (or 6? Don't remember...) years old and my mother bought me the wa video ya, kanda ya video of Barbie in the Nutcracker... I watched it almost every day, I loved it.

4) What do wewe like so much about the sinema on a general level?
What makes me upendo these movies... the characters, they're really well-made. And also the sceneries, those from the older sinema were simply magnificent.
"She has the same character as me, totally."

5) What is your favourite movie and why?
Barbie and the Three Musketeers, for many reasons... but mostly because of Corinne and Louis... many people hate them, and I don't get why. Anyways, the whole movie is amazing: the main characters, the villain, the story, the scenery... everything, for me.

6) If/When wewe are going to be a parent one day, would wewe introduce the sinema to your child[ren]? Why?
If I'll ever become a mother... of course I'll introduce the sinema to my children! If they make my life special, I'm sure they will make their lives special as well.

7) What makes your favourite character so special from all the other characters?
She has the same character as me, totally. How I wish I looked like her too... oh well, however, I can relate to her very much, I kinda dream the impossible too sometimes.

8) Imagine Mattel would do a crossover movie with Barbie and another franchise, which franchise would wewe want it to be?
With Monster High, I'd like to see a crossover with that. Barbie daughter of a mummy au Dracula, I think it would be awesome, also the dolls would look amazing.

9) If there's something you'd like to change about the new movies, what would it be?
I'd make them less pink and sparkly. It hurts my eyes. I actually appreciate Princess Charm School and Mermaid Tale 2 because they remind me of the old movies. And I'd change Chelsea's name again to Kelly/Shelly.

10) Which character would wewe like to know in real life?
Both Miss privet and Courtney from The 12 Dancing Princesses.

11) Which character would wewe like to be in a relationship with in real life? Why?
With... someone similar to Dominick, au like Louis... don't know, actually.

"I watched it almost every day, I loved it."

12) Mattel sometimes invites a shabiki to guest nyota in one of their movies. Imagine they'd invite you:
- how would your character look like?
- what your character be like?
- what would the plot be about?
- what role would your character have in the movie?
- what would the other characters be like?

If Mattel invited me I'd scream of happiness! What an honor for me! Anyways, my character would be a brunette and brown eyed princess with a upinde wa mvua dress that comes from a mysterious kingdom and helps Barbie's character (a princess too) free her little sister from an evil witch. Of course, in the story there would be also a prince played kwa Ken that would marry Barbie at the end.

13) What qualities does a movie have to poses, for wewe to like it?
A bit of magic and humor, a wonderful upendo story and characters with great personality.

14) What are your hopes and wishes for the future movies? Is the future looking good in your opinion? Why au why not?
The future is looking good, for me. Zeke Norton seems a really good director for Princess and the Popstar, and I wish Mattel will bring back the old fairytales and change back the uhuishaji because the old one was better.

15) Is there anything else wewe would like to say?
Well... since I alisema 'Thank wewe to all who voted me' in the first answer, now I'll say just 'Kelly Sheridan is back, I'm so happy for it!' ...I know, it's stupid, but I couldn't think of anything else.

Not stupid at all. Thanks for taking your time for the interview! That was CleoCorinne for wewe all! Three cheers for her and let the party begin!

"the whole movie is amazing: the main characters, the villain, the story, the scenery... everything, for me. "