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posted by CleoCorinne
Well I've been waiting all year
Just for this siku to get here
And I’ve been learning
Nothing goes exactly like wewe plan

Yeah I’ve been flying so low
Wishing I was in SoHo
I thought I’d be a no go for this show
But here I am

You might have seen me checking out
What’s underneath that tree
But I have realized that there
Is just one gift for me

It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
'Cause I'm with you

The ornaments are rocking
Somebody aliiba my stocking
I think I threw out all my gift cards
With the recycling

The krisimasi lights are tangled
The mistletoe got mangled
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posted by papanoel
And Giselle Dancing Barbie swan Lake Today competition with Mattel Barbie pink "Shoes", a quality jury - chaired kwa Eleonora Abbagnato great star, prima ballerina of the Paris National Opera - reward dancers au groups who have been able to better interpret the spirit of the film.
But we found better detail .... In his new movie "Barbie and pink Shoes" DVD released kwa Universal and released on March 6, Barbie celebrates two of the most beautiful ballets of all time: Giselle and swan Lake, memorable music, the dance all steps of the greatest classical dancers dancing world, two fascinating stories...
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Since I got the Junior Novelization, these are ALL the things different and completely missing in the movie.

First, a particular thing I need to tell wewe all: I had a feeling the storybook pictures were somehow connected to the movie's original script, and IN FACT, they are. The Junior Novelization tells the story as the original script for the movie told it.

Character and places' names:
-Liam comes for the Kingdom of Stuffingsburg, and Duke Trentino is his uncle.
-The lady in the long purple dress is called Lady Hamilton, and knows Tori, Meredith and Trevi since quite a lot of years.
-The one who...
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"Next fall, we voyage far from planet Earth and take off on a new adventure to a new galaxy. To a new planet. To meet up with a familiar friend."

(From the teaser trailer)

I think this movie has a different idea of story, if wewe compared it with some awali Barbie movies. And I'd like to share my idea about the story, as I don't find any plot of it.

Barbie starred as an astronaut girl, that exploring the space with her team. But suddenly there was damage to their spacecraft and they were forced to landed on an unknown planet.
The planet was very similar with Earth, with beautiful forest, nature, and animals. They are also meet with the residents and befriend with them. There is a hidden magic nyota that keeps the planet alive.
But when the evil peoples want to aliiba the magic nyota from the planet, Barbie and her team tried to protect this planet, for their familiar friend.
Barbie & Her Sisters in A gppony, pony Tale is a 2013 computer-animated Barbie film. The screenplay was written kwa Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, and Heavynn Gates is the lead vocalist for the movie's theme song.

Barbie and her sisters use an RV to go on a horseback-riding vacation to the Alps and go to a horse academy. They make new animal friends, and Barbie has an instant connection with a wild horse which she trains. At the horse academy, the sisters attend a festive gala dressed in their prettiest ball gowns.

From Barbie sinema wikia
Year: 1812 (whatever count is used but I'm sure it's AD.)The mwaka when 'Barbie As The Island Princess' took place (in AD) was probably in the 1770's au 1780's.

Setting: The Appolonian ngome Of Dertys. (the ngome on the cliff near the sea has been abandoned.) This place is a bit of away from the center of Letavia, the kingdom's capital city.
Island of Amoleo : The island which Ro was shipwrecked before.

Characters: HRH Princess Destina (Ro's Daughter.), HRH Queen Rosella (formerly known as Ro), HRH King Antonio,Mistress Emmeline Tister (Princess Destina's governess/personal tutor.) Tika,...
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wewe can hear this song in the video "Various Barbie songs on Italian" that I ilitumwa yesterday...


Still in the sky like a star
Beloved daughter, beautiful daughter
My love, I'm watching wewe from up there
Every dream you'll dream will come true
And because of that, wewe won't suffer anymore


I had to write something zaidi to post this on the articles, so hope wewe like it ;)

And tell me what other songs do wewe want me to translate, I'll be very glad to do it... and It's quite funny to do...

posted by RavenVillanueva
Barbie™ in Rock ‘N Royals: Courtney® doll (CKB57)
SRP: $24.99 | Age: 3+ years | Available: June 2015
• Girls can relive the muziki and fun of the Barbie™ in Rock N’ Royals movie with the Princess Courtney™ doll
• Princess Courtney™ transforms from her royal kanzu, gown and into a rockin’ outfit after she discovers her voice at popstar camp
• Plays two unique songs from the movie

Barbie™ in Rock ‘N Royals: Erika™ doll (CKB58)
SRP: $24.99 | Age: 3+ years | Available: June 2015
• Follow the storyline and transformation moment from Barbie™ in Rock N’ Royals movie as popstar...
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Story written in Polish and translated kwa
Soon the good version

Barbie and the Wonderful Lamp

There once was a poor tailor in Asia, who had a son - lazybones - named Aladdin. In vain this poor man had tried to teach his son diligence. In the end he died of grief.
One day, when Aladin was playing with friends, passing close to the African magician. For years, looking for a boy named Aladdin, the son of a tailor, who had him find a magic lamp. When he heard that his colleagues are calling on behalf of Aladdin, the magician said, 'You are the Aladdin, the son of a tailor?'
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posted by FairyAmbassador
I can be a hero (uh-uh), I can be a'strong (yeah, yeah)
I'm not a bird au plane, they should know my name
Not just a girl (not just a girl), uh-huh
I can be free (uh-uh), free to be me (yeah, yeah)
I can speak it out now, no doubt, say "hello" to the world ("hello" to the world)

Scream it out like hey, hey
Don't listen to what they say, say
'Cause it doesn't matter, no way, no way
One goal, one dream, 'cause we're on the same team, babe

(Oh...) Raise our voices, (oh...) raise our voices
So it's time to onyesha our faces and raise our voices
(Oh...) We're gonna raise our voices,...
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The Beauty Of The Dark
Chapter 1
Stranger’s ride

Author's Note: <i> This is the first shabiki fiction series I am posting here as I saw we rarely get shabiki fictions on here.I hope wewe guys will support me in this new change. I hope it'll bring a good change to the spot and make it zaidi active. I hope you'll like it. This shabiki fiction is a thriller one and I will post it chapter wise.Thanks you!</b>

“Taxi! Taxi!” I waved my hand and shouted in tafuta for a taxi, rain drops were falling from my clothes and I was totally wet. I didn't dare to stand in the rain anymore; I was running here...
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First of all I wanna congrats May (Asabala2) for winning FOTM June 2014! And she really deserve it without any doubt.She proved it that she's a die hard shabiki of BM kwa making some amazing contests and being so active here.

Currently she's running a maarufu ikoni Contest on the Spot and is very active member.

So I won't take your much time and present an exclusive interview with our FOTM June 2014 May!

1) Congratulations on winning, how do wewe feel to be the FOTM?

First,I upendo to thank all of people who nomination me and i feel concern because this is my first interview here i feel enthusiastic...
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For Miss Del in return ;)

A great occasion
We are here with you
Could it ever make us different?
Now you're sure of it
We're a team
That will have a great dream...

Us and you, more...
All for one because
More strong
Together we fight with you
United, decided
No one can defeat us
Us and you, wewe with us

Our strenght is invincible
We're like this always more
And we have no doubts about it
Call us, if wewe want
We'll be at your side...

Us and you, more...
All for one because
More strong
Together we fight with you
United, decided
No one can defeat us
Us and you, wewe with us

Yeah, we're pretty
Yeah, we're obedient
But don't...
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This is for my beloved Miss Blair!

Who could know
That we'd come here?
All of us so different
Searching out the world
And we're here together
For a common life

We're like a team
We're together
Always we'll be one
We'll give everything we have
We'll live united forever
And we'll never be divided
We're like a team with one heart

We never stop
On the tough moments
The four of us with one soul
And noone's going to resist on us
It's time for a new biginning

We're like a team
You'll see (You'll see)
Always we'll be one
We'll give everything we have
We'll be united (united)...
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Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat

We walk hand in hand
And together play in sand
Together we read each book
And learn how to cook

We together sing holy songs
Often do something wrong
We try to make it all right
We bring the sparks to light

We don't have much in common
I look like a cat,She looks like a Roman
I am from hills,She is from plains
But still we together play in rains

Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat
As most of wewe know I just got a DVD for Barbie in Princess Power. A booklet that came with it talking about Barbie toys and other Barbie related stuff also talks about the new Barbie in Rock 'N Royals movie that is coming out this fall. It gives a little plot for the movie. Here is what it says:

"Two very different worlds collide when a mix up sends a princess and a rockstar to the wrong camp. As they face an epic sing off, both girls embrace their differences, find their true voice and learn that nothing can prevent them from achieving their dreams!"

What do I think about this plot? I actually think it sounds interesting. I think it is the start of a good movie. Since this movie looks like it is going to be a musicial I can't wait to hear the songs for this movie. I am sure they will be great.

Let me know what wewe think about this. Do wewe like this plot au not?
Okay, so I know some of you, like me, have already seen Princess Power even though it technically isn't released yet. So I am just going to write my thoughts and opinions about the movie. There may be spoilers, but I will try not to give anything away.

Okay, first I'll talk about the songs. There are three songs: Soaring, Superhero Beat, and Coolest Thing Ever.

Okay, Superhero Beat was probably my inayopendelewa song in the movie. Why? Well, the beat was super catchy (haha, super catchy? Get it? Never mind.) Also, I really liked the lyrics in this song. ujumla, jumla it was a really good song. Although,...
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I just watched PCS in Polish the other day, and the only good thing about the movie was this song. So yeah, here's the translation from the Polish lyrics, if any of wewe are interested.
Some of the parts sound awkward to me, so if any of wewe have any suggestions to make these lyrics better, I'd very much appreciate it.

Where is my grace?
I stumble all the time
I doubt if I have talent
And if anyone here likes me

Don't know if I can stand this
How many times have I done this?
I have a strong desire to withdraw
I can run away while I still can

I believe freedom is a gift
The ember still burns in my heart...
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posted by CleoCorinne
So... well, I'm looking in the Web for zaidi Barbie sinema since many months, and I've found these:

-Barbie in Wonderland (2012)
-Barbie Mermaid Adventures (2004)
-Barbie in An Egg-cellent Easter (2012)
-Barbie and the butterfly, kipepeo Wishes (2012)

I know, the last one is quite weird, but I've found it...
Mattel, are wewe going mad?????

I don't know if they're going to make these and, as wewe can see, they were planning another movie for 2004! I don't know, but I think that some of the rumored sinema would be really awesome... For me, Snow White and Rose Red, The Snow Queen, Black Beauty, Elisabella... these titles inspires me... LOL!
 makala kwa nmdis
Articles by nmdis
Hey BM mashabiki I am here with another article, this time I wanna tell wewe my most inayopendelewa songs of all the time, wewe can give me your orodha too it would be great to know what wewe think and your taste

Modern muziki of Barbie Movies
I like many songs but they aren’t best enough to be in juu 5 so here are the songs which I like.

#10. Rachel Bearer.
“Keep on Dancing” from pink Shoe’s managed to gain its position in juu 10 orodha only and only because of its lyrics and singer I wasn’t impressed kwa the muziki video that much, the dance wasn’t good and neither was uhuishaji in the video, I am not...
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