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May wewe all get billion of success,million of smiles,
thousands of cute moments and countless love..
in the inayofuata year
BY3 BY3 2015
H3y to 2016......
Happy New mwaka to wewe all

Winner of best supportive role female is

Brietta (magic of Pegasus)

Winner of Best supportive role(male) is

Kevin (barbie diaries)

Winner of Best character in a female role is

Catania (Mariposa and the fairy princess)

Winner of Best character in a male role is

Aidan (magic of Pegasus)

Winner of Best pet is

Wolfie (Princess and the Pauper)

Winner of Best protagonist in a female role is


Winner of Best protagonist in a male...
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posted by redsamurai
Barbie sinema are really famous for the dresses. So I thought I could review the fashion trends.
Barbie & the Nutcracker- Barbie of swan Lake- the fairytale era:
The main color was pink, the color of the first Barbie outfit- Clara’s party outfit. Although it looked like a purple one, it had shades of pink, au was completely pink. It is because the dress was shown the dark. pink has been a Barbie symbol. The females in this movie, are shown wearing gowns. Gowns were the most fashionable and most maarufu Barbie outfits at the time, between these three movies- and all of Rapunzel’s dresses...
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posted by pinkydoll
 All For One and One for all
All For One and One for all
I wrote this poem for wewe all my friends..
I upendo wewe all

I am so glad to have wewe all in my life.
You all always make me feel especial.
You all are like a sweet melody for me
and when wewe write "dear" for me it's feel so magical.

We share our deeds,
We share our love,
We share our happiness together,
and we all are like a family.
A big and loving family..

I upendo to talk you...
I can'T forget the time we have spent together.
No matter where we are but still we are connected.
Don't know where the time will take us..
But still sure we will be known to each other..

We share our deeds,
We share our love,
We share...
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SYNOPSIS: Barbie™ and her sisters, Skipper™, Stacie™ and Chelsea™, and their adorable new puppy Marafiki find unexpected mystery and adventure when they return to their hometown of Willows. While going through mementos in Grandma's attic, the sisters discover an old map, believed to lead to a long-lost treasure buried somewhere in the town. With their...
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This is a shabiki fiction written kwa me and I hope wewe will like this. I won’t tell wewe the name of characters now because I want wewe to know their name when wewe will read it.
A Strange siku

I was walking kwa when I saw a girl who was standing there; it seemed like if she was tensed. But I was not sure if I should go and ask her if she had any problem au if I can help her in any way. I stopped at the duka for buying some veggies (My refrigerator was empty like nothing was left in it) and then I saw her coming towards me, I was feeling like I should ignore her, wewe know these days we can’t...
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posted by manu962
The inayofuata siku the four musketeers went to talk with Monsieur Treville.Ellinor,Karolina and Devonne were at Renee's house playing with Bernadette.
"Bye girls!Have a good time.We'll come as soon as we can!"said Renee and they then she and her Marafiki left her house.
"You know,I have a strange feeling about that.We never left them alone.What if something happens to them"said Aramia.
"Aramina,they're in my house not in the center of the town"said Renee.
"Ok,ok forget I alisema this."said Aramina.
They reached the musketeers training place.
"Monsieur Treville!!"said Corinne.
"Your highness!"said he.
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I guess I'm allowed to post it here.BTW I decited to write it again because I want to change many things.
The story starts after "Finale Medley"

There were many hand clapping from the audience.
After the tamasha finished Keira and Tori went from the stage talking an laughing.Liam that was looking for them finally found them
"Wait for me"said he.
"Hi Liam"said they both with one voice.
"Tori,you were awesome"said he.Tori blushed.Suddenly the smile on Keira's face was gone.
She expected that he would compliment both of them.
Then she run away leaving Tori and Liam alone.
"Want to go on a carriage ride?"said...
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posted by Mariolka

Bye now silent tears were flowing down Keira's cheeks. Nathaniel whispered comforting words into her ear while hugging her tightly.

"I'm fine." Keira said.

"Are wewe sure?" Nathaniel asked.

"Yeah... um, sorry about that. I'm not one to tear up." Keira said. Nathaniel just smiled at her, and then picked up the letter.

"So... do wewe think he's telling the truth?" He asked.

"Yes, no matter what happens he would never lie to me about something like this." Keira said.

"Well, since wewe obviously know him better than anyone else, I believe him too." Nathaniel said, hugging Keira.

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 Our December FOTM, LightningRed!
Our December FOTM, LightningRed!
I proudly present to wewe our first ever shabiki of the Month, LightningRed! Want to know zaidi about this wonderful shabiki who has contributed so much quality content to our spot? Read our interview and find out! The bold are questions, italics are my maoni and the rest are her answers.

1. Congratulations on winning FOTM! How does it feel like?
I'm surprised and I feel really great. THANK wewe ALL WHO NOMINATE AND PICK ME!!!
Oh, I'm sure wewe deserve this. You've been here before any of us and your contributions really help our spot grow!

2. I'm sure we would all upendo to get to know wewe better. Tell...
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April !
May !
June !
July !

Summer Sunshine !
All the guys on the beach, pwani and gettin' their tan.
Summer Sunshine !
O-oh ! O-oh !

Summer Sunshine !
Mom is asleep with her toes in the sand.
Summer Sunshine !
O-oh ! O-oh !

Wishin' Dreamin' Hopin' Cravin' Hatin'
That I always gotta wait all year.
On the daily going crazy, brains exploding, but it's finally here !
Ditch the books, sit right outside, grab a sip and catch a ride into the pier.

The perfect time.
The perfect place.
I can't be late.

3 zaidi days,
2 zaidi days,
1 zaidi day,

Summer Sunshine !
All the guys on the beach, pwani and gettin' their tan.
Summer Sunshine...
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siku 1 - Your inayopendelewa movie

Day 2 - Your inayopendelewa role of Barbie’s

Day 3 - Your inayopendelewa scene

Day 4 - Your inayopendelewa upendo interest

Day 5 - Your least inayopendelewa movie

Day 6 - Your inayopendelewa non-Barbie girl

Day 7 - Your inayopendelewa animal sidekick

Day 8 - Your inayopendelewa villain sidekick

Day 9 - Your inayopendelewa song from a musical movie

Day 10 - Your inayopendelewa song from a non-musical movie

Day 11 - Your inayopendelewa of the 12 Dancing Princesses

Day 12 - Your inayopendelewa dress

Day 13 - Your inayopendelewa Barbie world

Day 14 - Your least inayopendelewa villain

Day 15 - Your least inayopendelewa role of Barbie

Day 16 - Your least inayopendelewa sidekick...
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I do not have the balance
That I would fall
To my ability,

I was not here at all drowned in the pressure in my head.
I do not think I can do this,
Why? I would have walked out to instead,

But this is an opportunity for me to break free,
Everything is up to me and if I try,

I will at the juu of the world,
I can see everything before I reached up to touch the sky,
At the juu of the world in a dream.
I was running towards me to stretch out the wings I can fly.
At the juu of the world,
On juu of the world

Do wewe kill me,
She gets it right,
Even if it takes me a thousand times.
Try to be as simple discipline is difficult,
But nothing can beat me if there is a change in my heart.

This is a chance for me to break free,
Everything is up to me and if I try,

I will at the juu of the world I can see everything before to me,
Reaching up to touch the sky at the juu of the world,
All of my dreams was running towards me stretch my wings to fly.
At the juu of the world.
posted by manu962
Thanks to Lola's link



Diana Kaarina
Morwenna Banks
Nicole Oliver
Brittney Wilson
Cathy Weseluck
Madeleine Peters
Derek Waters
Ellen Kennedy
Miranda Ram-Nolte
Brian Drummond
Tabitha St. Germain
Bethany Brown
Ali Liebert
Shannon Chan-Kent
Kelly Metzger
Kazumi Evans
Anna Cummer
Rachel Franco
Vincent Tong


Zeke Norton


Elise Allen


Shawn McCorkindale
Shelley Tabbut
Here on my Island * Barbie -The Island Princess

RO:Here on my Island the sea says hello
Dolphins are waving where ever I go
There’s a song on the breeze
And a nyumbani in the trees
Friends I can talk with whenever I please

Azul:Here on my Island the playgrounds are great
Sagi:Slide every slide.Tika:and wewe don’t have to wait
Ro :There’s so much to be seen Tika :from our new trampoline
ALL :Finding adventures our daily routine

Sagi:Birds and bananas
Azul:And comfy cabaña
Ro:And shell covered vases to fill
Sagi:Coconut glasses,
Tika:and mint with molasses
Azul:And pineapple patties to grill

Ro:Here on my...
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posted by Liana11
Hidden beneath the ground
Is the spring that feeds the creek
Invisible as the wind
That wewe feel upon your cheek

And every breeze that whispers
Reminds us constantly
Sometimes what's real
Is something wewe can't see

Believe in all that can be
A miracle starts whenever wewe dream
Believe and sing from your heart
You'll see
Your song will hold the key

Waiting behind the clouds
Is a sky that's always clear
And chasing away the doubts
You watched the sun appear

It's shining to remind you
As each new siku begins
There's always hope
If wewe just let it in

Believe in all that can be
A miracle starts whenever wewe dream
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