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 Barbie: nyota Light Adventure dolls
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Baron Von Ravendale: King Kristoff's trusted advisor. He secretly wants to take over the kiti cha enzi and creates a magic potion to do so.

Bruce: Baron Von Ravendale's frog sidekick

Corrine: Princess Kara's Cousin. She is jelous of Kara and dreams of being a princess, too.

Dark Sparkle: Corinnes alter ego and Super Sparkles biggest rival.

Gabby and Zoey: Princess Kara's energetic little sisters.

King Kristoff: Princess Kara's father, the king of Windemere

Madison and Makayla: Princess Kara's best friends. They're extremely smart twins who invent new gadgets for Princess Kara-and Super Sparkle

Newton and...
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