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Stacie interviewed me for her journalism club. Find out my majibu to 23 maswali like, what kind of shoe would I be! It was so much fun answering all these questions. Do wewe have any maswali you'd like me to answer?
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Louis was waiting for Susan and Margret.
Louis: I wonder why girls take entire siku in dressing up and make up!
Susan: wewe would have known if wewe were a girl!
Louis: Oh no! wewe listened the entire the entire thing?
Margret: Yes we did and what were wewe saying “Girls take entire siku in dressing up and make up”. I tell wewe Susan ‘Boys can never understand girls feeling!’
Susan: Now end of the matter, we should now discuss for what we are here.
Louis: wewe are right Susan.
Susan: Guys I have tafuta the internet for some picnic places in the state.
Louis: Please Susan don’t tell me that we are...
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