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Has Batman ever killed? Does he use guns? Is money a superpower? was he created kwa Bob Kane? These majibu and many more!
Through 70 years of publication, Batman has braved many adventures that push the limits of the imagination.

These are the stupid ones.

(Side note: This makala has been rated pg13, and should not be read kwa anyone younger.) Enjoy. :)

Detective Comics: 241

This is what happens when Batman is written kwa Liberace.

Also, Robin can call it red all he wants, but according to our Crayola box set, Batman's costume is actually pretty-princess-pink.

Batman: 48

"And that concludes our presentation of the Batcave. Any questions? Yes, wewe the kid in the back."

"So your bat-cave is right under...
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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is an upcoming original direct-to-video animated film adaptation of the opening story arc to Superman/Batman,