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This Bella swan picha might contain magari, gari, auto, suv, lori, motokaa, otomatiki, utupu, safi utupu, and kifyonza.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Oh bella, look at me!" i heard edwards voice throught fuzzy ears.
I felt a massive pain buring within my womb. i clutched my unborn baby.
"Hold on Bella,"
"Can we come in to see Edward?" Alice whimpered
"I will tell wewe when ok?" His voice stressed...

i felt a quick rush of wind blow kwa me ,speed.
"where do i put her? on your meza, jedwali father?"
"yep, Edward, She is still in a blackout,, bite her.. to heal just a tad,,, wewe know when its enought to turn her"
"DO IT!"
i felt a burn on the inside of my neck, i screamed, trying to make it stop, it was scorcing, fire, .
But it was...
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posted by meyerama
O.k. i just want to see what others think about the lullaby, i think its o.k, but it was supposed to be sweeter in my mind, but i might be thinking way off, dont get me wrong, i upendo it, and it does make it sound like edward is destressed about this whole situation, but it is made to help bella fall asleep. Maybe it will sound sweeter in the movie, au maybe when he sings her to sleep with it, that should be a good scene. i dont know, i just want to see what u guys think about it.

please reply
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