(Here's the first one.
I know. She's supposed to die before him, but let pretend she comes back to life au something and finds out that he is dead (and after a long time to admit it to herself...))

My Lord...
Come nyumbani again.
wewe have not battled in vain.
Don't leave me alone.
Without you, I cannot hold on,
My Lord...

But if it is the way wewe want it to be,
If there is nothing to make wewe stay,
Then, it seems that I have nothing zaidi to say.
Though, I'd want wewe to come back to me.
Too much, I miss wewe already,
My Lord...

I knew not wewe could be even colder than wewe were.
Without you, I have no will...
Except! Potter, I shall kill!
I have been your closest Death Eater!
Soon, shall I be your avenger!
My Lord...

My Lord!
Come nyumbani again!
wewe have not battled in vain!
Don't leave me alone...
Without you, I cannot hold on,
My Lord...

I wewe only knew,
My Lord!
How I upendo you,
My Lord!
All my tears in our dark
Shall not be enough to bring wewe back!

And so, My Lord!
Oh, My Lord!
Shall I avenge you!
Forever bound to you...
My Lord...

(And now, the sekunde one.
Something she could say au sing (aloud au not ;)) to herself whenever in the time of the films/books (5, 6 au 7).
(Again, to Voldemort (only not directly))

I know all too well that wewe can easily read my mind.
And I'm afraid of what wewe could find.
My soul left behind in this cell.
For you, shall I imprison the siku as well!
No zaidi joy au fun,
No zaidi warm au sun.
Here comes our night!
For you, I must fight
And I wish I will be killed kwa “Light”.
Then, will wewe regret me to be so still,
Revising your final desire, wewe will.
And then, it will be...
Only wewe and me-
The world as we want it to be!

They are all constantly
Telling me-
That I am wrong.
Still, your arms hold me too strong.
I no longer breathe and so live.
My dark moyo has but one love.
And yet, this is too much weight.
Still, it gives it even zaidi strength!
Before we met, it seemed to be made of stone,
Because it was just too alone.

wewe are lovingly heartless.
And it has driven me into what's called madness!
Tell me, who am I?
Tell me why!
Why am I involved in something too big for the little that wewe probably
Think I may never be?
So many people to hate a nobody like me,
Who loves but one Lord!
And has no god!

Some may say I am in prison with you.
But I know what is true.
The truth is that only in your arms, can I exist.
No need to resist.

Forever waiting for this kiss...
As wewe find me in this naive labyrinth of weakness-
And desire that this thought is,
You’d punish me for the “nonsense” of my faith.
Bringing my childish dreams to their death.
I, sharing their pain,
But unable to stop this rain,
Because it is only the reflection of my sorrow
And into forgetting, all dreams have to go.