Bellatrix Lestrange was killed on May 2nd, 1998, during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Bellatrix came from the Black family. They were notorious for believing in blood purity - Bellatrix was no different. She was the epitome of blood-purity and the Death Eaters. She was even labeled the most loyal Death Eater.

Even though her maoni on the world would not give this away, she was very loyal to her family and those she cared for. We know she cared for her sister, Narcissa, from the beginning of the Half Blood Prince. Narcissa wanted to tell Snape of Voldemorts plans, when it was alisema that it was not to be told to anyone else. Bellatrix argued with her, which I believe was in part her loyalty to Voldemort and her want to protect her sister.

If wewe can say anything about Bellatrix, it's that she's determined. She was in Azkaban for years, but when she escaped she was still ready to fight for Voldmort, to be the most loyal Death Eater.

Many Death Eaters can be labeled as cowards. A classic example is Wormtail. He only revived Voldemort in fear that if he was ever revived, he would be punished. Bellatrix was not a Death Eater because she was afraid. She was a Death Eater because she truly believed that what Voldemort and what the Death Eaters stood for was right. Whether wewe agree with her au not on this, that is something to be admired. Many people in this world are cowards.

Bellatrix is one of the most controversial characters. She's loved and she's hated. Whether wewe agree au disagree with the things Bellatrix stood for, her qualities, loyalty & how she was unafraid in this world, should be remembered.


I am, personally not a shabiki of Bellatrix. I can't say I fully agree with what I've written above. However, I was asked kwa zanhar1 to write an makala for Bellatrix. I accepted because I thought it would be a challenge to write an makala on my most hated character - and it was. I tried to make it sound unbiased.