As I grow older I look back on the memories of my childhood. If you've ever cleaned your room and had a box of old junk, was there a special item wewe just kept coming back to?
Well, in all the years of frenzied growing up, I'd all but forgotten Beauty and the Beast was my first love. The fairytale that stayed with me. I can better understand the story and it's qualities now, but back then, I just loved it for what it was.
What better story to teach one things aren't always what they seem? I know I've learned to look a little deeper than the surface of your skin! Ask yourself this, how many treasures have wewe missed out on because wewe judged at face value? I could have and almost did miss out on the treasure that brings me some of the greatest happiness I've ever known. But when you've found a real gem, even at just a first glance, you'll catch that tiny glimmer everyone else missed.
Isn't that what Belle found? She glanced at the Beast and instead of shuddering and passing on as so many before had done, she stopped just long enough to see that glimmer under the roughness.
An amazing story I think shouldn't be Lost on childhood. There's virtue worth pursuing in this story of upendo and forgiveness. Taking notes from Belle might be a good idea.
I hope sharing these thoughts with everyone will inspire wewe to look deeper, if this story itself hasn't already.
To learning, love, and sekunde chances, three things I hope wewe will always keep close.