Belle a beautiful, eccentric and book loving peasant girl from a small french village who got thrown into a real fairy tale when she is searching for her Lost father.
Why is she one of my favorites? And why does mashabiki all over the world upendo her?
I will try to expalin my reason and theories about that.

The reason why I and many zaidi like her is that she is in many ways relatable, she is seen as different in her nyumbani village and she dreams of better things in life much like most people at some point in their life.

She may not be as strong and outgoing as Mulan and Tiana but she is very strong willed and because of her upendo of kusoma she has alot of knowledge uncommon for women of the time.

She is not at all naive and she is able to take the lead like when she is teaching the Beast how to dance and read.

Her greatest traits is her honesty and her ability to upendo someone for their personality and soul instead of their appearence.