Belle is my inayopendelewa Disney female character and I thought that I would write this little makala listing her outfits/dresses in the order that I like them.

Before I begin I will say that I am a person who enjoys drawing clothes and designing clothes for my own characters and because of this I have started take a good look at different clothes inorder to get a better idea of what to and not to draw and this is why I will give my opinion on the clothes themselfes aswell.

Lets begin with the lowest on the orodha
Nr 4: Green Dress

This dress is very pretty but In my opinion it has a little bit too few details to be beautful.
The color is very nice and it really fits the ubunifu very nicely.

She wears this dress for a short while after she starts to warm up to the Beast thanks to him saving her life and the dress is a representation of that since green means calmness and relaxation.

Like I alisema this ubunifu is a tiny bit to simple to me but It is still a nice dress, the sleves gives me the impression that this dress is mean't to be a everyday dress that is just a tiny bit zaidi "fancy" than her peasant dress.

inayofuata is Nr 3: Blue Dress
This is going to sound weird but I am in upendo with most Disney peasant dresses, they bring out a certain charm in the persons who are wearing them and this one is one of the two most beautiful ones yet.
Belle wears blue to reflect her being different from everyone in her village and the color blue is later used to reflect the same thing in the Beast's eyes and formal clothes.

The ubunifu of this one is not very detailed but the few details it have is very nice, The blue skirt, upindo and bodice gives it an unusual look and still blends very well with the white parts.

Next is Nr 2: The Ball Gown
Most peoples inayopendelewa dress from the movie, this dress has been as one of the most beautiful animated dresses ever and in my opinion it certanly is.

Belle wears this during her tarehe with Beast and during the famous ballroom dance sequence and it's golden yellow color represents the happiness and joy she feels during that time.

The ubunifu here is very elegant and gloves really gives it a royal/fancy feeling and I personaly upendo the decorations both on the skirt, upindo and chest area.

And at 1st place is her gorgeous pink dress
My personal favorite, I don't really like the color pink normally but here it fits so well I can't help but upendo it.

She wears this one during the breakfast scene and the songs "Something There" and "Human Again" and as with the other this ones color has a meaning, pink represents young upendo and is proof that the relationship is slowly developing into true love.

The ubunifu are simply amazing in my opinion, it combines a light red and pink to beacome a very cute color combination and I like the sleves on this one.
The kanzu, koti she wears when outside is also very beautiful and I wish I could draw it in a way that does it justice.

There I hope wewe have enjoyed kusoma this one as much as I have done uandishi it ^^
Please try to give me your thought on this and tell me what wewe think of these dresses.