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posted by bwevin
This couple is extremely cute and everyone knows that it'll happen (well pretty much). Due to the romance I think it makes the onyesha so much better. The romance is cute and fluffy and makes me want to view zaidi of Ben 10 alien force. It adds another genre to the whole thing so zaidi viewers can enjoy it, unlike in Ben 10. I keep watching over and over again Kevin and Gwen moments. It's so exciting ^^ I know this onyesha is mostly adventure but still, I think the writers of this onyesha made the right choice of having Kevin become a good guy and fall in upendo with Gwen.

I know I'm obsessing and I apologize for it, but it's just so sweet:) Everytime I seen a Bwevin moment, I just get so excited that I just got to see it again.

Anyway, that's a little rant, sorry about that ^^'
posted by MOFOprincess
I'm sorry this was so late! I'm happy its finally out though.

So I just want to start off kwa saying that this episode really extra confirmed that this whole onyesha is porn. I believed it was porn before this episode, but this episode in particular was extra sexual. Alright-just wanted to get that out there.
So the sode (that’s the douche bag way of saying episode) starts off with the team in front of a book store because a hot actress, Jennifer Nocturne, was going to be there. She acts as a vampire. I noticed the word play with her last name and her movie role. Bats are nocturnal, and she plays...
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posted by MOFOprincess
I will start off this review with a short summary of the episode:)
The Vreedle brothers, Rhomboid and Octagon, are hired to return Ship to his parent, Baz-El. Ben and Kevin travel to Coda Coda to dispute Baz-El's claim to Ship while Gwen and Julie stay behind to hold off the Vreedle brothers. Ben convinces Judge Domstol, despite turning into Humongosaur and accidentally destroying his desk, to rule in his favor, and they arrive on Earth in time to save Ship. Though reluctant, Baz-El accepts that Ship belongs to Julie now.

The episode was titled "Don't Fear the Repo" on episode guides.

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posted by MOFOprincess
I also ilitumwa this at the "Ultimate Alien" club!

This episode was one that I don’t believe had much significance au importance. It was fun, and there were things accomplished like Gwen getting her license, but I think it was mainly just to fill in. I’m not saying that it was bad, because it wasn’t; it just wasn’t a huge deal.
So Serpent came back in this episode. I really think this guy is pathetic; one of the worst villains I’ve seen in a while. Even though he fought well against Kevin and Gwen in his first appearance, I don’t think he is of much threat to Ben. During the fight Ben...
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Bored of your own mouth? Now wewe can go hero with the brand new link. Use the special touch-screen Omnitrix to choose one of 8 different characters, place the iPhone over your mouth and start to speak (or roar!) and the microphone picks up your voice and the mouth will animate!

PLEASE NOTE: Ben 10 MouthOff is designed for the iPhone. It also works with 2nd generation iPod Touch but wewe MUST have headphones with a built in microphone. Ben 10 MouthOff will NOT work at all with 1st generation iPod Touch.

Click on this link to download the app but make sure wewe get your parents permission.
posted by QueenAnnelise
Wow!, was the only word that came out of my mouth after watching the last episode of Ben 10: Alien Force. I was not surprised. Not because it was predictable; it wasn't. It was because my crazed friend saw it before me and couldn't help telling me. I loved it mostly because of the way it ended. It left wewe happy and complete(let me just say that shirtless Kevin is waay better than karakana Kevin). The episode leaves one thing clear. There IS a Gwevin. YAY!. I am still speechless because of the episode and the fact that Gwen KISSED Kevin. wewe guys have to admit that wewe hate Gwen a little because...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Here is a summary before the review.

Kevin and Darkstar set aside their difference so they could find a mysterious artifact called the Dominos Librium that could return them to their awali forms. Kevin and Michael Morningstar both lose their powers and gets turned back to human. Gwen finds out that Kevin's return to human was involving Michael. She locates Michael at his hideout, but Michael, who now uses the Librium to absorb energy, began draining Gwen of her power. Kevin and Ben come to help, but Michael starts absorbing Swampfire's power as well. Kevin couldn't watch Gwen go down, so...
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posted by MOFOprincess
This is my review of the season premiere of Ben 10: Alien Force season three! To start off, my view of their new outfits! Kevin- one word- HOT. It looks like he was wearing a work uniform like what wewe would see at a garage. Is it possible he got a REAL job? Not just interplanitary entrepenuring? Not likely; he alisema later on in the onyesha when they were going to hack the omnitrix that he aquired tech to make the big machine so he is still a bad boy. :)I hate how Kevin is mutated, he is a better fighter but i just wish he could change back. Eventually I think. But whoever decided to put him in...
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posted by MOFOprincess
This is probably my last review of Ben 10. I feel like I need to do one zaidi review for closure and memory's sake. There are so many things to say, I don't know where to start. But I guess I'll start with why I was inspired to write this final review.

I just watched the last 10 dakika of "The Ultimate Enemy." I woke up late and wasn't planning on watching it right away, but I'm sure the part of the episode before that point was basically just a lot of fighting and the team talking about what the they will do to stop Vilgax.

So, what really got me in this episode was memories. Memories of Ben...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Less summary this time! zaidi analyzing! I also ilitumwa this at the Ultimate Alien shabiki club. All should jiunge that club so i dont have to post the same review in two different spots.
When this episode started with Ben’s mom in the kitchen, I knew I would instantly upendo it because I upendo Ben’s parents. They are so fun, and I want to see zaidi of them. I loved them in the Ben 10 live action movie; they’re amazing.
Original Ben 10: Sandra: “Now, now Ben. It’s Sandra, and Carl! We’re all equals in this house!”
So for being retired, I don’t think Max is relaxing much. He fights awesome...
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posted by MOFOprincess
This episode is all about the Plumber’s helpers and how they make decisions in order to become official, real, Plumbers. We see how they work together, talk together, and earn the badges they have.
The message starts off with the helper team bickering, and then getting a message from Max. He is in trouble because Ben is ‘attacking’ him. The Plumber’s helpers have to save Grandpa Max, alone, because Gwen and Kevin are on a mission {Gwevin!} Although, that could easily be a lie. It’s the best excuse to use in inaonyesha that they cannot help the Plumber’s helpers.
*Important note: Where...
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posted by XxXAFI4everXxX
Ok, sry 4 the lack of songz...


It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects
What I've Done-Linkin Park
Beat It-Micheal Jackson (R.I.P), Fall Out Boy + John Mayer (cover)
Know Your Enemy-Green Day
We Were Born For This-Paramore
Let The Flames Begin-Paramore
Ready,Set,GO!- Tokio Hotel


I asked my brother 4 help cuz i waz like so out of it and he alisema Beat It. And i waz like "OK!" I like both versions.

R.I.P King Of Pop!
posted by MOFOprincess
Okay so this episode was absolutely amazing because there was so much success! There were quite a few things that the mashabiki have wanted for a while that the creators and McDuffie finally gave the mashabiki in this episode! This was it. This was the end. Let’s see how they did with closing off Alien Force…
Albedo is back for the finale! He alisema he would be way-back-when in “Good Copy, Bad Copy” and he is first seen stealing the Ultimatrix from Azmuth. People could have mistaken Albedo for Ben, but Ben would never do such a thing. Later when Albedo was looking through the Ultimatrix he had just...
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posted by gwevin12
One siku at Mr. Smoothie,as Ben and Julie were drinking smoothies, Julie alisema "Ben do wewe upendo me?" Ben looked up and almost choked on his carrot smoothie and alisema "WHAT!?!" "Do wewe upendo me", she echoed."Uummmmmm..." Ben said. "JERK!" Julie alisema as she walked off.WAIT! "JULIE!!!..WAIT!!!!" Ben alisema as he ran after her.The inayofuata day... "Kevin can I talk to you?" "Uhh sure Kevin says whats up?" "Julie and I had afight yesterday and well... things got hariy" Ben says. "How hariy?" Kevin asked. "Well Julie asked me if I loved her and..." "oh no what did wewe say" Kevin iterupts."I alisema ummm" Ben...
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First of all i do not own Ben 10 and Ben 10:alien force material.

Kevin in the race of Time

Ben and Gwen were trapped in a fire,titanium,Metal and pure dhahabu Cage with no way out.The only way out was if Kevin succeded in the number of challenges, he has to do.Charmcaster alisema to Kevin "if wewe don't succed in this challenge wewe Marafiki will melt one bit at a time".Kevin started to cry,he knew he had to save,his friends.The first Challenge was to Fight wewe Kevin.Kevin was confused how can he be there when he was a knew older gooder Kevin.Kevin the thought "it doesn't matter all i have to do is beat...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Here is a summary, and I ilitumwa the episode on the video section of the club, but no part three.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin finds a curious alien box called the Naljian Destructor, which can robotically duplicate anything it sees. It quickly copies the powers of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin as they attempt to destroy it. The Vreedle brothers then onyesha up to take the Destructor for themselves. As it has already learned to copy the trio's powers and sees them as enemies, they escape easily. However, the Vreedle brothers return in short order, as the Destructor has become uncontrollable and much zaidi destructive....
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posted by MOFOprincess
I just want to clear the air about Kevin being mutated-obviously he can change back because in the preview when he punched with his mutated fist, he was using his right arm. Then later in the preview he was driving the car with his right arm. I think it would be pretty difficult to drive a car with a ball of spikes for a hand. Anyway, thats what I'm pretty sure of.

Watching the Alien Force labor siku marathon tomorrow!!! Can't wait. I wonder if it goes all siku until could if the network wanted it too but prolly not. gay-ass-motha-f*ckas.

If anyone likes to know what goes on in my mind of Ben 10, im going to be uandishi weekly reviews of every new ben 10 af episode. read them if your cool,(jk) id upendo to know ur thoughts! maoni on them if wewe wanna.

XOXOXO theMOFOprincess
For all of wewe mashabiki out there.There is going to be a new episode of B10AF on:
March 12 at 8:30pm and is goin to be reapeated on:
March 13 at 8:00am.
The episode is called Above and Beyond.
If wewe have any doubts au maswali wewe can tafuta and check at:
All wewe have to do is click on B10AF webpage and click on TV schedule.
Once there wewe can look at the latest principles games wich are six, wewe can wacth it's video created kwa viewers au simply its episodes,check the maoni and look for it's downloads.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by MOFOprincess
**I'm also posting this on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien club!**

1. A person who is easily deceived au fooled; gull.
2. A person who unquestioningly au unwittingly serves a cause au another person: a dupe of the opponents.

Okay, so let me start kwa saying that I loved this episode. I liked it because it strayed back to the original series ‘Ben 10’ with its lightheartedness and comedy. This episode was SO hilarious. The storyline was also very diverse, even though in other ways it was stupid. And kwa stupid, I mean Ben. So on with the review!

So this starts off with the Forever Knights;...
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posted by Jerexious
This poem was written kwa Solora Goldsun
Once I read it I loved it and decided to share it with B10AF fans.Enjoy!

I close my eyes and see your face
Your eyes of emerald,hair of fire
I feel the touch of your gentle hand
And my moyo beats with endless desire

Your smile warms my very soul
Your voice it's like an angel's song
When i'm alone for even an hour,
It feels like the whole week long

I hold wewe close and all is right
wewe sweetly whisper in my ear
I feel a peaceful bliss within
As wewe tell me things I upendo to hear

wewe feel pain of words and thoughts
wewe are so fragil, yet so strong
wewe fight like no other girl I know
wewe always work to right every wrong

How wewe upendo me,I don't know
We're as diffent as the moon and sun
But then,maybe we are Yin and Yang
Two havles combining into one...

Kevin Levin
( i'm writting poetry!Id better kiss her fast!)(NO Duhh)