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 Big Time LOL!!
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sanaa ya shabiki
Big Time Rush
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James: *pacing around back and fourth*
Kendall: *playing cards with Jade, Logan, Katie, Andre, and Beck*
Carlos: *doing a head stand*
Cat: *watching Carlos while eating peanuts*
Tori: *laying down on the kitanda watching James pace back and fourth*
Robbie: *throwing grapes in Andre's mouth*
Camille: *practicing for a play*
James: Okay! We need to do something!
Carlos: But no one sent in a truth au dare.
James: We can't sit around doing nothing!
Jade: Hold your horses!
Kendall: Don't talk to my friend like that!
Jade: Make me! Just hit me on my arm and then I will stop!
Kendall: ...
Jade: That's what I thought!...
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So wewe want to have a big time rush themed sleepover party? Well heres how...

1.Check with your parents first. This is especially important if wewe are quite young.

2.Ask girls in your class if they like BTR. If they are wearing a BTR shirt, then it's quite obvious. Write down names of the girls who want to go. Do NOT invite anyone mean.

3.Buy posters, make a cake and put BTR decorations around the house. Find Big time rush invitations, draw your own au just print out pictures. Mail out the invitations.

4.Make goodie bags. They could include CDs, T-shirts, make-up, au tamasha tickets if wewe are...
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The boys see a scary potential future for themselves when Roque Records picks up a girl group and gives the girls a new BTR song. Fear that they'll become like the boy band before them that was replaced with a girl group, drives the boys to do crazy things.

Catch comedy, lust, and behind the scenes stuff with James Maslow!
"When we learned that Jordan Pruitt was originally going to guest nyota in this episode..."

Read the full makala here!
*Theme Song*
Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight
Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell
Carlos Pena as Carlos Garcia
James Maslow as James Diamond
Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight
Mat29cool as Michelle Cage
619WWEprincess as Maria Pena
TeamZoey as Rosabel Anderson
JBfan445 as Lisa Counts
Hjj211 as Tatum Maslow
AlexSelenaRules as Alex Jones-Well
Juliet1234 as Cat West
FamousK10 as Taylor Mitchell
Btrno1fan as Erin Bieber
Katelyn Traver as Jo Taylor
Erin Sanders as Camile
Selena Gomez as Ally Jones
Joe Jonas as Joe G. Jones-Well
Nathan Kress a Justin Hollywood
KarlaCena as Karla Spring
Frankie Jonas as Jones Green...
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