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This Big Time Rush picha might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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posted by IngridPresley
I just wanna get in the car
And drive away
Is all I wanna do
Doesn't matter where we go
As long it's me and you
Come right in the all night
Wherever wewe wanna go
Into the moonlight
And try to the end of the row
Keep going to the sun rise
With the car and cruise control
Cruise control, cruise control (anyway wewe wanna go)

Everyday was always the same
Got get away
Out of this game
I'm so sick in the same time
In the same place
In the same faces

So wewe came and wewe open my eye
To everything I never thought I'll do
And every way no because of you
I got get away (get away)
Get away (get away)
Get away
And never come back,...
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