My Characters

First we have Jade Shadowhive, the eldest daughter of the Shadowhive family. The Shadowhive's were well known for their work in the clothing and chakula industry. Their dresses have been worn kwa all the royalties of the world and are famous for the intricate details and soft fabric they are made from. The family crest is a silver fox, but the eldest daughter had an affinity for dragons. The Shadowhive family had two lovely girls as the future heirs of the family business. Elsie was her younger sister and Jade loved her zaidi than anyone else in the entire world. The two girls would play together at their large country estate far from the city and enjoy spending family dinners with their beloved parents. Victor Shadowhive was their father and the head of finances and was responsible and the reason how their business gained so much reputation. Through his many contacts the word of their business spread like wildfire and soon their business was gaining the same amount of profits as the famous Phantomhive toy factories. Natalia Shadowhive was his beloved wife and the mother of Jade and Elsie, her ideas and intricate patterns gained favor with the ladies of the world and earned them the favor of many foreign families. They loved the floral, mosaic, antique, and geometrical designs Natalia invented and spread word to their friends. Together the loving couple boosted their name through the families and they made fortunes from selling their dresses to dignitaries of the world. Jade was a unique and charming girl with long wavy brown hair. She had highlights of dark auburn hair that streaked throughout her hair. It was quite beautiful to look at when she was in the sun since she also had blonde streaks scattered throughout the cascading waves. Her eyes shone a royal purple that shined with such happiness, that anyone who looked at her would smile and find themselves much happier than the mood they met her. She was small and petite, only 5'4" in stature with curves that was the envy of many ladies. On her 13th birthday her father gave her the family ring which was a silver fox, mbweha with black diamonds surrounding it as it curled its way around her finger. The eyes were purple gemstones and the inside of the ears were a black metal that shined in the light like chrome. It was a true masterpiece of jewelry, that was designed kwa her mother and crafted kwa a jeweler from london. Her little sister Elsie had another present for her though, a small bronze dragon ring. The dragon curled around her finger as well and the head rested on the juu of her finger with its mouth open with the teeth sharp and looked as if it were breathing fire. Jade loved this ring deeply, and in return she gave her little sister a simple silver fox, mbweha head ring on a small band as a sign of thanks. Elsie was much younger than Jade and this in turn made Jade feel protective over her. Elsie was 6 years old when Jade turned 13 and the family knew happiness and no troubles during these happy years. Jade spent her time studying methods of tricking people into doing what she wished as well as seduction to gain information on other families. Her parents were aware of her flirting, but they did not know she used her tricks of flirting to gain dirt on the suitors who would try and court her. She had no interest in marriage and found joy in spilling the little secrets she knew about them and watching them squirm. kwa the time she was 14 she could have a man wrapped around her finger in less than ten minutes. Her little sister Elsie would watch and try and follow in her steps which Jade would stop her and say, "What I do is not to be copied, treat men with kindness and not mockery as i do, with this wewe will come to no harm." Jade would repeat these words to Elsie every time she finished dismissing another suitor, and Elsie would smile and promise she would. Natalia and Victor were aware that Jade would mock some of her suitors, but she only mocked the ones who were much too old to be courting her and they would simply remark that she should be with someone of her own age. No bad feelings were felt towards the daughters of the Shadowhive Earl, that is excepting the few enemies her father had from a time long long before. But that was before his marriage, then again the enemies he made were relentless in seeking what they wanted from him, yet no one could see the tragedy that would befall the poor Lady Jade of the Shadowhive family, au the future it would turn her too after the incident occurred.

A tragedy will occur to the Shadowhive family and i will tell that to wewe in the inayofuata chapter, but for now let's talk about Lucius Dracovich, the water demon.

Lucius Dracovich is located in the London river that runs under a bridge where an ice festival is normally held in times of severe winter. If wewe catch him to where his skin is exposed wewe can see the many tribal tattoo markings along his arms, legs, and backside. They are in black ink, but appear gray in the light. His hair is a dark blue that seems almost black if it weren't for the blue tint shown when light passes through his hair. It flares into soft spikes as it sweeps out from his head, almost like kitanda head in the morning but much zaidi sexy. It sweeps across his face in cascading peaks over his deep water colored eyes. If wewe watch him long enough wewe can see his eyes ripple like waves on the water depending on his mood. His demon eyes flash to a light pinkish purple when he lets his inner demon show. His body stands a staggering 6'7" compared to the small body of his future master. His arms are toned to perfection as his body shows muscles that would send women dreaming. He is the epitome of seductive, and uses this to corrupt his old female masters into his arms. Once they fall, he devours them before the time is over and moves on. Yet when he meets the young Jade Shadowhive, he finds himself trying to not fall for her seductive tricks and sometimes fumbles and falls at her feet.

The Tragedy

The siku is October 31st, Halloween and as luck would have it Jade's birthday. Her 15th birthday, so in her honor one of her suitors hosted a big gala to celebrate. She went of course, but her sister Elsie had stayed behind with her parents at the estate.

Jade's POV
Finally the party was over and I could go home, my mind was a buzz with all the people who approached me and wished me well tonight and gave me birthday wishes. I smiled faintly as I rode in the carriage with my maid who sat across from me with her eyes closed, i was trying to determine whether she was deep in thought au asleep from the rocking of the carriage. I wan't tired, on the contrary I was wide awake as I thought of the happy face Elsie would greet me with when I arrived. I smiled as I watched the scenery go kwa through the window in the carriage. As my thoughts wondered I thought back to the men who came to see father months ago. I still couldn't get over the way they were so rude to father, no one had ever spoken to him that way before. I had disobeyed father when he told me to take Elsie and go play out in the garden. Instead I watched from behind the corner as the men shouted about repaying debts for the protection he requested, father had kept his face blank which is what he normally did when he was uninterested in what others had to say. As the men went on they mentioned the family ring and how they demanded it be aliyopewa to them as payment. Father got angry at this remark and he stood up gesturing them to leave, the man who had been shouting turned as he clenched his fists. I noticed a long scar travelled across the man's face and I couldn't look away. The man saw me and smiled, but it was a dark smile one that made me nervous as he came closer and held his hand to me. He asked for my name and to not be rude I gave it to him, then he noticed the family ring I wore and he turned to look at father as he made a snide remark about finding the perfect place to keep it safe. Father rushed over to us and summoned the butler to escort them out, father had never looked so angry before but Elsie and I stayed silent since we already disobeyed him. After he reprimanded us he smiled and then took us to mother who sat in the living room sewing new patterns into fabric to onyesha the ladies at the factory. My thoughts were turned back to the scenery outside as i noticed a soft glow light up the night sky. I shook my maid lightly and felt the carriage come to a stop. Did mother and father set up lights for me? Was there another party being held? I stepped out of the carriage and to my horror i saw my nyumbani in flames, my body began moving kwa itself as i heard my maid shout my name as i ran into the burning building. Smoke clouded my eyes and filled my lungs with a uchungu, chungu sting as i made my way to Elsie's room. As i made my way up the stairs i saw father laying outstretched on the ground, i kept my pace and when i looked in Elsie's room mother was across it with blood covering the sheets. I had already been weeping as i felt hands grab my arms and drag me back outside. I breathed in the cool air quickly as i looked and saw my maid covered in black smoke cough beside me. My face was wet with tears and soon i heard her choke out that she had found a note on the kichaka near the entrance. I wiped my eyes and read the note as it said, Your sweet little Elsie is with us. If wewe would like to see her come to the Tower Bridge and bring no one, sincerest regards the man with the scar. I looked at my maid and then towards the carriage as i finished kusoma the note. I stood up quickly while my maid shouted for me to slow down, i ignored her as i told the driver to take me to the Tower Bridge immediately. My maid barely made it into the carriage as he took off and drove towards the bridge at a quickened pace. My thoughts were all on Elsie and of how frightened she must be, I felt rage and misery at the same time as we came nearer and nearer the bridge. Once we arrived the carriage stopped and my maid moved to get out, but i stopped her and ordered her to remain with the carriage until i returned. My voice was harsh and cold as i ordered her and she stayed perfectly still as i turned away from the carriage and walked out towards the shadowy figures that stood in the middle. I could feel the cold night air surround me as i walked closer and closer towards the man that i could now see holding my poor little sister kwa her arm as she stood on the railing. I began to songesha quicker as she became clearer to me and i could see her face distorted into fear, but as i shouted out to her she moved back towards the river as the man spoke saying, Not so fast Lady Shadowhive, we have business to discuss. I stopped in my tracks, i couldn't have been zaidi than 9 feet away from her as i looked from her to him. I asked him what he wanted and he simply smiled and demanded the family ring i wore on my finger. I looked at it and felt conflicted, there must have been a reason father didn't want this man to have it and i wasn't going to either. Yet Elsie needs me to do this, but i can't betray father again. I looked at him and told him that i would pay any money he demanded but i wasn't going to give him the ring. The man was not happy with this and he looked at Elsie and then back at me again his smile was still devious and made me flinch. He stated coldly that i was to do exactly what he alisema and he would let Elsie go. I breathed a sigh of relief and it seemed to me Elsie did too as she reached out to me with her delicate hands. The man smacked her hand away and Elsie cried and then pointed at me as he spoke coldly. Turn around and walk to your carriage, if wewe have anything wewe want to say to your dear Elsie do it now, but if wewe turn around at any point i will drop her into the river. I swallowed hard and turned my back to her and listened to Elsie whimper and cry saying my name. I held my tears back and told her that we would go nyumbani together and that i loved her dearly. I began walking and heard Elsie's screams as i got further away from her. I felt on the verge of bawling and when i heard her scream in pain i instinctively turned and looked at her. As i did the man released her from his grasp and she began falling through the air plummeting down towards the icy cold waters of the river below. My eyes were wide in fear as i ran off the bridge screaming her name, my maid stepped out as i went past her heading towards the river bank. Elsie went into the cold waters with a chilling splash as i went down the steps of the stairs. Tears went down my face as my maid caught my arm just as i was about to jump into the river saying that she wasn't going to allow me to drown. The man was gone, but my voice rang out in frantic screams filled with pain as i alisema her name. I finally pushed my maid off of me and jumped into the river and njiwa down after her, Elsie had been swimming up to the surface but she had run out of air long before i reached her. I assumed she was knocked out from the cold as i grabbed her hand and swam as quickly as i could up to the surface holding her to me. When we reached the surface i gasped for air as i dragged her to the riverbank, my maid was there and she was shouting as she tried to take Elsie away from me. I screamed at her and ordered her back to the carriage as i huddled over my now deceased sister. I cupped her face and cried as i babbled through tears grasping on to her cold lifeless body. My screams echoed through the night piercing the hearts of anyone who heard them as i held her to me. My Elsie, my dear sweet sister was gone and i had failed her. I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear muttering that i would never rest until whoever did this was found and brought to the same fate. Suddenly a voice filled my ears whispering, what would wewe give to avenge your family. I thought maybe Elsie's spirit was surrounding me as i looked at her and stifled my tears as i spoke with harsh words, I will give everything, my name, my wealth, my very soul will go to the one who will help me with my vengeance. In an instant the world was dark and the sound of water filled my ears as i suddenly found myself on a dark lake where a man stood a few feet from me smiling. He knelt down beside me and placed a hand under my chin tilting my face to look at his. He offered me everything i wanted, revenge on everyone against my family and then the man who took Elsie from me. In exchange he wanted my soul and my eyes widened. I asked him who he was and he simply chuckled as he told me he was the demon of the river who watched my horrible plight. My wailing awakened him and my vow peaked his interest and he simply wished to fulfill my darkest wishes. It would be my luck to find a demon willing to help me, but at the exchange of my soul, could i do that? Yes, yes i could, i would take out anyone who stood against my family and the man who killed Elsie. I stared at him and declared that he would be my closest servant and personal butler. He smiled and picked me off my feet as the contract was finished and i felt a small burning sensation as a nyota formed on upper arm. He asked what his name was to be and I thought of a character from one of my stories I would tell Elsie and replied Lucius Dracovich. I looked at him and saw his hand was covered with a nyota marking as the world returned around us. Elsie was back in my arms as i felt the cold wind blow through my hair, i heard my maid's voice ring in my ear saying we need to go to the inn before i catch my death of cold. I smirked and began laughing softly as I turned my head up and saw Lucius dressed in a black suit with a long coat, his hair was still the Dark blue from before and his eyes reminded me of the cold river before us. I stood up and wobbled as Elsie's weight grew heavier from the dead weight and Lucius caught me holding me still. He guided me back to the carriage and my servants simply stared at me in wonder as this new man suddenly appeared. I relieved them of my service and Lucius took me to a local inn. Once at the inn and after a hot bath, I sat kwa the kitanda staring at the wrapped body of my dear sister as Lucius tried to get me to sleep. Sleep didn't come to me easily, not with her lying there.

That was a mwaka ago, and we have yet to find the man with the scar, but i have managed to gain the queen's favor as her spy. I keep her updated on what everyone is doing as well as taking care of unwanted pests in the most discreet manner. She once ametoa maoni that her guard dog would make quite a team mate if we were to jiunge forces, but i see no need to intermingle myself with some man. I had no idea, that the guard dog would come to me.

Bath Scents

Jade's POV
Everyday he finds a new way to scent my baths, i wonder what he used this time. The siku before he used coconut, and even before that he used satin essence with lilac. Its so soothing for my skin to have these rich add ins soak into my skin, not to mention it keeps it silky smooth and soft to the touch. I can smell roses today but there is something else this time too. Is it honey? No maybe vanilla, but vanilla isn's this pungent maybe he's using mint. No mint doesn't have any similarity to this scent, oh perhaps its orange, oh what on earth could it be.

"If your really wanting to know mistress its lavender"

I turned and looked at Lucius annoyed as he washed my shoulders, i hated it when he read my thoughts.

"How many times have i told wewe to not read my mind. The inayofuata time wewe disobey me i'll have wewe sleep outside with no blankets on juu of an anthill shirtless."

I turned and faced mbele again as i let the water run down my hand and drip into the tub. I could feel him smirking behind me as he did his normal response of my apologies my lady, and continued washing the soap on my skin. Strange to think i was letting a man wash me, but it wasn't like i wasn't getting a kick out of it. Having him wash me like this was torture for him, he was a demon after all even he must have some urges. I felt a smile play across my lips as he dipped the cloth into the water and string it to let the water wash the soap off.

"I have finished young mistress, shall i get your robe?"

I nodded and watched as he dried his hands and held up a towel. I stood up and stepped out letting him wrap, upangaji pamoja the towel around me as he went over to the mirror and took my vazi off. I finished drying my skin and felt the smooth fabric of my satin vazi touch my skin. It was cool and soothing after having a hot bath. I looked at Lucius as he held the door open and followed as i entered my room. It was large with deep blue walls and a simple ceiling, the furniture consisted of two chair in the corner near a window with a small chess set between them. A large kitanda was at the end of the room and had dark purple blankets covering them which complemented the dark wood perfectly. I didn't need extravagant furnishings and simple things made me happy, au what I think is happy. I sat down on my kitanda and leaned back as i looked at Lucius who was taking out my kanzu, gown from the closet. I laid back on the kitanda and sighed, I didn't feel like greeting whatever guest was supposed to come today. Lucius still hadn't aliyopewa me my schedule and it was annoying me, but i didn't feel like i wanted to know either. I rolled on my stomach and crawled back towards my pillows and rested my head.

Lucius POV
Honestly, i turn my head for one moment and she's already trying to crawl back to slumberland. Then again, she wouldn't want to sleep either what with those memories of Elsie falling haunting her dreams every night she barely gets sleep at all. I suppose she'll want this one today, she will be meeting the guard dog after all, and if rumors are true blue would appeal to him quite nicely. The kanzu, gown is a dark navy blue outer skirt, upindo with a white inner and with the corset being a short sleeved with intercrossing lace across up to the bosom where it puffs out with white in ruffle, it will look quite attractive on my mistress. Her mark should be covered as well since this kanzu, gown has sleeves so no make up should be needed to hide it. I turned and saw she was curled up inayofuata to her pillows and i sighed as i walked to her setting the kanzu, gown on the table.

"Young mistress if wewe do not get dressed, your guest will arrive with wewe indecent"

I saw a small smile form on her face as she sat up and looked at me.

"And that would be a bad thing? Why i think the gentlemen coming to see me would be quite thrilled to see me like this"

Oh great here she goes again. She keeps teasing me with her body and she had no idea how dangerous she is getting. I watched as she removed her vazi and allowed her flawless body to be shown before me as she leaned back on her hands smirking at me mockingly.

"Well do wewe agree Lucius? Do wewe think he would be happy to see me like this?"

I couldn't help but notice the small spark of moto in her eyes as she teased me. I smiled and held my hand to my chest as i bowed ever so slightly while remarking.

"My lady, im sure any one of your suitor's would pay a king's ransom to get a glimpse of your seductive body."

Jade's POV
"My lady, im sure any one of your suitor's would pay a king's ransom to get a glimpse of your seductive body."

His response made me blush as i pulled the vazi to cover myself again. Why can't he just call me beautiful instead of talking about me like a piece of meat. Then again i put myself on display like that, i suppose his answer is justified.

"Who's my guest today Lucius? wewe have yet to tell me who is calling upon me for tea."

I watched as Lucius picked up the blue kanzu, gown and unfasten the ties in the back as i stood up.

"Your guest is the Earl of Phantomhive, otherwise known as the Queen's Guard Dog. His inayopendelewa color appears to be blue, he enjoys chess, earl gray chai and he doesn't acknowledge women's advances on him."

I lifted my arms up as he pulled the dress down over me and began pulling the laces tight. Hmm, so the guard dog is finally coming to meet the fox. I wonder what he want's with me, surely i'm not being suspected of any local crimes. I felt Lucius pull the ribbon that held my hair up as he finished tying the back of my dress. My hair fell in waves and complemented the colors of the dress better than i had thought, still if i had worn a blonde wig it would look better. I moved over to my vanity and sat in the chair and watched as Lucius followed behind me and began brushing out my long flowing locks.

"So for out chai prepare earl gray, with some sweet cakes and biscuits. Bring my chess board out to the garden so we can play while admiring the flowers."

Lucius nodded as he finished brushing out my hair and began pulling the strands back and tying them into a small ponytail over my long hair. It was quite attractive for something so simple, and i smiled as i admired myself in the mirror.

"Very good, now when is he supposed to be arriving."

I stood up from the chair and brushed out the wrinkles as i turned to face him.

"He is due to arrive in 30 minutes, but i can sense that there is a young man walking quite a ways away down the path and he should be here in about 15."

I smiled as i walked past Lucius and opened my door, i turned to look at him as i said.

"Then we better hurry, for our guest will be arriving soon, and dog's are always thirsty after having long walks."