Kutsuu's Contract Symbol.
Hello, readers. I like Black Butler and have thought about uandishi a fanfiction story for it. I hope wewe like it. Also, I have other fanfictions for Fullmetal Alchemist titled Magna Vengeance.

《Kutsuu Himura's P.O.V.》

I stared at my butler, annoyed. His black hair shone under the light. I said, "Damien, fix it at once!" The leg of the chair wobbled beneath me and I scowled. He said, "I apologize for neglecting my duties, My Lady. I do wish wewe wouldn't scowl so, it will ruin your soul's sweet taste." I stood up. "Don't talk of my soul until I finish my goals! I'll be out kwa the creek." I walked off and out of the manor. I sighed, "Damn butler..."

《Damien's P.O.V.》

I stood up, having fixed the chair. I was about to check on the servants when I heard a loud scream. "Mistress-!" I ran to the creek and swiftly knocked out a man holding my master. "Are wewe alright, My Lady?" She replied, "He was trying to touch me... Kill him at once! That is an order!"

《Kutsuu's P.O.V.》

Damien's eyes glowed as he pulled off his gloves and I exposed the symbol on my left collarbone. His contract mark was on his right side, just a few inches above his waist.

Damien took me back to the manor. My maid, Alicia was standing outside with my gardner and groundskeeper, Jason, and the cook, Adrian. Alicia asked, "Mistress, are wewe alright? We heard a scream!" I replied to her, "It's been taken care of. Continue your duties." They went off. Damien said, "Would like to bathe and have tea, My Lady?" "I'll bathe without wewe washing me, Damien. Bring me some tea."

I sat in the hot water, steam rising up. Damien came in with the chai and said, "The Queen has aliyopewa us another mission. It seems that there is another corpse." I sighed. "Fine. We'll deal with it right away." He nodded and handed me a piece of chocolate. "It's from the Funtom company."

Her name is Kutsuu Himura and her butler's name is Damien Lawsonne. Their appearances will be described a bit zaidi in the inayofuata chapter. Ciel and Sebastian will be in the inayofuata chapter, too. The latter will probably make a new friend. I hope wewe enjoyed. -Farewell.