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10 Facts About Ciel Phantomhive wewe Absolutely Must Know! (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)

Sebastian and Beast's upendo scene

Kuroshitsuji 「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」CM PV

Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis - Book of Atlantic PV

ENGLISH 'Aoki Tsuki Michite' Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (AmaLee)

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder Part 2

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder Part 1

Kuroshitsuji CRACK!

Black Butler – Book of Murder – PV

Black Butler: Book of Circus - 03 - His Butler, Hired

Black Butler: Book of Circus - 01 - His Butler, Presenting

Black Butler - Book of Circus - Closing Theme

Black Butler - Official Clip - Indiscriminate whipping isn't enough

Black Butler - Book of Circus - Opening Theme "Enamel" kwa SID

Black Butler - Book of Circus - Official Clip - Devilish Grace Under Pressure

Black Butler - Book of Circus - Official PV

Ciel Phantomhive Sings Me Happy Birthday

TVアニメ「黒執事 Book of Circus」CM第1弾

「黒執事 Book of Circus」番宣SPOT第1弾

Black Butler AMV ~21 Guns~ -spolier alert-

Black Butler amv - ngome Walls (HD VERSION)

Drocell is a Creepy Doll

This is Halloween - Kuroshitsuji

Black Butler AMV: Falling inside the black.

Black Butler Amv: Thanks for the Memories

AMV Kuroshitsuji - Riot

Undertaker AMV

Speechless - Black Butler - AMV

Black Butler Amv - Santos Espiritos

Kuroshitsuji William, Grell & Ronald Tribute -Circus for a Psycho

Black Butler – Breakeven

Kuroshitsuji Shinigami Fallen Angels

Black Butler amv - Say something

Black Butler Crack!

Kuroshitsuji anime crack!

Kuroshitsuji - Undisclosed desires

Black Butler AMV I Get Wicked by: Thousand Foot Krutch

Kevin Rudolph || Let It Rock {A Black Butler AMV}

Black Butler AMV Burn It Down

Black Butler - Dark Horse [AMV]

Black Butler AMV-Dance With The Devil

Black Butler AMV - Blood on the Masters Sweater

Black Butler AMV- Mama (My Chemical Romance)

kuroshitsuji AMV Thousand Foot Krutch "War Of Change

Kuroshitsuji - This is War (AMV)

Black Butler ~ ET

.:Make Me Wanna Die:. //Alois & Ciel//

Grenade - ClaudexAlois AMV

☯Alois' fireflies☯ amv- Kuroshitsuji II/ Black Butler II [HD]

Sweet Dreams // Black Butler

O Death - Black Butler Tribute

Black Butler - When I Was Your Man

【KYP】Black Butler ~ Rebirthing

Black Butler - A White Demon upendo Song

Just dance (Black butler AMV)

Black Butler~Until the siku Ciel Dies

On My Own ~ Black Butler Alois Trancy

Black Butler ~ Lilium

Black Butler- Red Moon AMV

"Hold me" Kuroshitsuji AMV

Black Butler Amv - Dance With the Devil

Black Butler - Demons

Requiem for a dream [Black Butler]

black butler- When you're evil

Black Butler [Kuroshitsuji] AMV - Life Is Beautiful

Kuroshitsuji Black Butler If I Had wewe MEP

Dark Horse | Black Butler

♞ Kuroshitsuji/ Black butler -Gentleman ♞

Black Butler Calling All the Monsters

Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji ~ Monster

Black Butler AMV- I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Black Butler AMV - Monster [ GaGa ]

Black Butler II! [Trailer!!!!!!!]

Black Butler - Skyfall

AMV - Black Butler Kuroshitsuji [Bring Me To Life]

Black butler Ciel/Sebastian

left for dead | Black Butler

Misery knows my company


12 Pains of krisimasi

12 Pains of krisimasi

Black Butler- The Play

Ceil's Hurricane

kuroshitsuji play 1 the butler friendship

kuroshitsuji play 2 the most beautiful death in the world

Black Butler: BBTA : Episiode 3

Black Butler - AMV _ Applause

Oh death undertaker

Kuro December

Kuroshitsuji once upon a December

Alice of Human Sacrifice AMV

[SmS] How to be a Heartbreaker [Kuroshitsuji]

Black Butler Abridged Super Series

Black Butler Live Action Movie trailer

Sebastian Michaelis - Personal J_


[SmS]The Horror of our upendo [SebastianxCiel]

Sebastian Says "Yes."

Sebastian is Bringing Sexy Back

Sebastian Michaelis- S&M